Thursday, April 19, 2007

Total Gun Control = Total Tyranny!

By Rob Ronning
Any blueprint for the establishment of totalitarian government is destined to fail if total gun control measures cannot be established. Without the disarmament of the masses, tyrannical government would be virtually impossible. The global elite is fully aware of this fact and is working feverishly on the implementation of controls that effectively disarm entire populations, with the exception of a few selected minions. While this complete disarmament is being engineered, citizensare being psychologically manipulated to believe that “civilian” gun possession always leads to increased crime rates, and that stringent gun control laws are necessary for personal safety and the reduction of crime. This campaign for gun control influences Western opinions using a veritable barrage of incidents involving often-fatal gun violence. In the United States, barely a day passes in any major city without several stories revealing escalating gun crimes, and endless commentary concerning ways to address this issue. Furthering the subversive agenda of total gun bans, as if by an invisible cue, a national story of horrific proportions such as the Columbine High School shootings or the Washington DC area sniper occurs. Whether you believe these national tragedies related to gun deaths have been planned by sinister forces or have accidentally happened, it is clear that the intent of the powers in control is to use these incidents as a pretext for the radical strengthening of gun laws worldwide.Other Western nations have sustained gun incidents that served to overhaul and strengthen their gun laws with less than exemplary success. For instance, handguns were banned in the United Kingdom after the Dunblane Massacre of 1996, but it is widely reported that gun crimes continue to rise dramatically against an increasingly unarmed populace. Australia also has stringent gun control laws, due in part to 35 deaths (32 killed by guns) and 19 injuries in April of 1996 at Port Arthur, Tasmania. As in the United Kingdom, the laws enacted in Australia have been ineffective in decreasing total crime where guns are involved. Canada’s gun control laws are also much more restrictive than the United States, and an actual photograph identification license has been required for possession of handguns since January 2001. The hysteria of gun control now even extends to the banning of toy guns! Where does the average person draw the line and demand the right to adequately protect him or herself from increasing crime without undue governmental interference?For U.S. citizens, the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights should serve as a protection for the right to bear arms, but it is being rendered useless by our own Supreme Court! The interpretation of the Second Amendment by many legal scholars argues that the militia clause in the amendment completely renders it anachronistic, since the “well regulated militia” now refers to the National Guard instead of the independent State militias of the past. Some commentators have even drawn the conclusion that a literal interpretation of the Second Amendment by current militia organizations may have played a prominent role in the Oklahoma City bombing of 1995. (Alex Jones clarifies beyond any shadow of doubt in the film, 911: The Road To Tyranny, that private militia organizations had nothing to do with this government operation!) Does the Second Amendment allow for the right of the people to keep and bear arms, without infringement, for the security of a free state? Did the drafters of the Constitution and Bill of Rights feel that this right was an important aspect in the maintenance of freedom? Thomas Jefferson wrote in his papers: “The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” While condoning random and unnecessary violence is incomprehensible, one is forced to ask how lawmakers, scholars and commentators would view the patriots of the Revolutionary War today? Apparently, being a patriotic citizen willing to defend personal freedom against a corrupt government is becoming a criminal act in a country founded on those stated principles.Despots and dictators throughout history have suppressed their citizens by the restriction or registration of armaments and weapons. Nazi Germany used strict registration laws already in existence within their county and other conquered European countries to quickly disarm the people. The U.S. government is proposing in the Our Lady of Peace Act (passed by the House and currently before the Senate for approval) to fully automate the criminal background check system already in place with super-databases the States are forced to help furnish and maintain. Coupled with provisions in the Homeland Security Act and Patriot Act previously passed into law, the proverbial handwriting is on the wall: Total Gun Control = Total Tyranny! We are currently headed directly toward both.