Thursday, May 10, 2007

Only Ron Paul Can Defeat Hillary Clinton

Which is why the corporate elite that have already selected the New York senator are doing their best to blackball the Texas Congressman - including Yahoo! who lied by claiming Paul had not filed papers to officially run, and omitted him from their website coverage
Prison Planet May 10, 2007
Paul Joseph Watson

There is only one Republican candidate that can prevent Hillary Clinton from walking into the Oval Office after the next election and that's Ron Paul - which is why the corporate interests that have already selected Hillary are busy trying to stem the tide of a populist onslaught to bring the Texas Congressman to the attention of the American people.
Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate to carry a message that resonates with the American people, his thoroughbred anti-war and anti-big government stance, but the establishment press have done their level best to keep Paul in the shadows while lying in claiming that every participant featured in last week's debate was pro-war .
Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate to have voted against the Iraq war.
Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate who will not seek to lead the U.S. into a military confrontation with Iran, something also that Democrats Obama, Clinton and Edwards have all vowed to keep "on the table."
Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate who is not compromised while the likes of Giuliani and Romney have more skeletons in their closet than a fancy dress boutique. He holds true conservative values unlike the vehemently pro-abortion Giuliani and Romney.
Ron Paul is the only candidate period who has promised to abolish to IRS and end the fraudulent fiat-based money system that is crippling America's economy while lining the pockets of the ultra-rich.
Every other Republican candidate besides Ron Paul stands no chance of coming out on top if they go up against Hillary Clinton for the 2008 presidency.
This is a message particularly directed at people who consider themselves conservatives despite voting for George W. Bush on two occasions - get behind Ron Paul or Hillary Clinton is guaranteed to be the next President of the United States.
For all the reasons mentioned above, we are witnessing a clear agenda to marginalize and discredit Ron Paul on behalf of the corporate media, while burying the fact that he won last Thursday's debate hands down. Nowhere was this more evident than in a May 8th Washington Post editorial entitled 'Building a Better Debate' in which the Post exposed itself as perhaps the most prominent media organ for those who wish to control and suffocate the democratic process in America.
The editorial was basically a manifesto for restricting the debates to include only the establishment's most well groomed appointees and kicking Ron Paul off the podium.
The wider media plot to censor and sideline Ron Paul has been documented here all week and the latest example was Yahoo's decision to include Mike Huckabee and Duncan Hunter, whose combined support in the polls trails Ron Paul's, on their 2008 coverage page , yet omit the Texas Congressman altogether. "Stunned, I actually called Yahoo and left a voicemail message for their chief communications officer, and included my email address," writes Thomas E. Woods, Jr. of the Ludwig von Mises Institute. "In their emailed reply, I was told: "According to the latest FEC filings, it is our understanding that Congressman Paul has not officially entered the 2008 Presidential race, but has only gotten to the stage of forming an exploratory committee."
"Huh? Unannounced candidates are allowed into the debates? Can't possibly be true, I thought. So I simply went to the Federal Election Commission website, and after three seconds of searching I found Ron Paul's filing statement, dated March 12. (That's funny: I was told Yahoo had consulted "the latest FEC filings.") Well, here are Ron Paul's documents right here .
So Yahoo! are now stacking lies on top of their censorship in claiming that Ron Paul has not even officially entered the race, despite the fact that this was announced on CSPAN by Paul himself two months ago.
Yahoo! have made numerous promises to add Ron Paul to their list but it hasn't happened yet.
In addition, ABC News, who initially also scrubbed Ron Paul from their online poll , are deleting comments supportive of Paul from their messageboards.
Other large media organizations are deleting votes from Paul's tally on polls, citing multiple voting by the same people as the reason, despite the fact that the polls only allow one vote per IP address.
Though Ron Paul is still obviously a long shot for the Oval Office, purely because he's the only candidate besides Gravel that isn't completely bought and paid for, the fact that the corporate media have to go to these lengths to try and stem the wave of popular support for Paul only exposes their true agenda.
And for that we thank them and invite them to continue their tactics - because by acting like bullies, censors and hostile to the true democratic process, more people will be turned off by their lies and seek alternative avenues for the truth.

Ron Paul on dissent in a time of war.