Thursday, January 24, 2008

This is where we are headed

This is their world as far as they're concerned. John Kerry's the same with his wife who's involved in the Heinz industry. They said they'd take over the food industry you know 40, 50 years ago, because when you take over the food industry you have war on the people. War, in all times, takes into account economic war, food and water, all the basics when you're having a war on a city or on a whole country on in the world. They go for those primary things. It's just a coincidence of course we have John Kerry who's married to the Heinz Dynasty, who I'm sure have been modifying those foods since they created the company called Heinz. Modification of the food is modification of the people. This has been going on for thousands of years and what you think of as normal (meaning your culture) was not normal at all. It was one of many cultures they could have given you; and they changed culture from the top and the people simply emulate it and copy it. The America of today is vastly different from 20 years ago or 40 or 100 years ago. It's constantly being upgraded as you upgrade a computer program and the public don't even notice. They simply adapt. We got to this point when money was introduced into civilization with cities. That's what civilization comes from is the city. You're a citizen of the city. The definition of a citizen is someone who is born with preexisting duties to a system. If you're born with preexisting duties to a system, it means you're not born free. They talk about Nimrod being the first builder of cities; and a city cannot supply itself with anything it needs to simply survive. It needs an artificial system and it is an artificial system. It must have this thing called money. It can then hire people who don't work for food; they work for money. You buy your food and they tax it back from you and create armies to go off and conquer. Therefore, even guys like Plato said that they would bring their utopia, their world republic into being by using the cities, because in a city the culture is plastic. It is fluid. It is flexible. You can shape it and direct it into any direction you wish them to go and the public adapt so quickly in the city. It doesn't matter what kind of society it is, the public will adapt to it if they think it's normal. A child born into a system where the parents don't know it's abnormal, it means that the child itself will think everything that exists in that system must be normal and they will never question it. That technique has been used for thousands of years to be a form of slavery. Charles Galton Darwin admitted this in the 1950's. He was the grandson of Charles Darwin. He was a physicist and he said, "there has always a form of slavery and we (meaning the elite) are simply creating a more effective form of slavery today." That was in the 1950's. That form of slavery is already here. People are wage slaves. They work like rats work in a laboratory where they pull levers and get a seed, and that rat then begins to think that's normal and that's the only way that you eat. It's the same with people working for money. They are wage slaves. If you add up all the taxes and hidden taxes that you pay, it's about 60 percent of your income. If you go back to the Middle Ages, the feudal system, the average serf who did not own his land had to give 60 percent of all his produce to his lord and he's left with 40 percent to feed himself, his family, any cattle he had and any other labor. The rates are the same from the feudal system to the present system; and yet today, through propaganda they keep telling us we are free. How can you be free if you don't really own the roof over your head? How can you live in a truly advanced society, what they call progress and civilization, when someone that you will never meet in a city far away decides to send the taxman after you and they take that roof from over your head and seize it? That's called stealing, you see. They steal your property and through propaganda and through altering perceptions, the whole population's taught that this is somehow normal. It's incredible how they can distort perception by the use of words. It's the same type that goes with – if you have a highwayman on the road and he draws his pistols and holds you up and demands ransom money or you won't pass, and you pay him off, you see this guy as a highwayman. He's a robber. If a cop does it and demands he gives you a ticket, or even cash as some of them do nowadays, for their bosses, he's doing his duty for the law, the legal system. It's the same act. If the highwayman comes and steals your stagecoach, you know he's stolen it. If the police impound your car, they call it impounding not stealing. It the same act. Perceptions are altered in this system to fool the public and the public are trained to think this is all normal. That's how you distort perception. Even the creation of the United States, there's no doubt about it; it wasn't a sudden idea to have a revolution. It took years of planning and the Founding Fathers admitted that. They had to do negotiations with countries long before -- in advance they could supply them with powder and all the rest of it and logistics. They had the islands all mapped out and ready to go where they would bring all this pirated stuff. They also had treaties made with France who would finance them through this war. It took a lot of planning and preparation to set it off and it was a Masonic led revolution. That's why 33 of the 50-odd Founding Fathers signed the Declaration. It was for the high number 33 because the sun rises on the 30th degree and sets at 33. The same as Jesus comes on the same age of 30 and dies at 33. It's the same old Masonic stuff down through the ages and they do like to stick to their formulas. The Founding Fathers, like all countries that have been created through this technique, England was the first you must remember because the English Revolution was before the U.S. Revolution. Everyone seems to forget that. The colors of the Revolution were red; and then they had the Blue Lodge for the color blue, for open freemasonry, because the sun is blue when everything is out in the open; and white is for the spirit that would really guide it. That's the colors of revolution: red, white and blue. Therefore, every country that had the revolution—Britain, United States and France—ended up with red, white and blue on their flag because it's Kabbalistic and only the Founders understood this religion. The lower peasantry didn't understand anything about it at all. When they got together in the convention hall, they barred the doors. They pulled the blinds. They put sentries on the doors to keep the public out; and that was a Masonic meeting they held in Philadelphia, because they do it in the temple that has no windows. That's why no one could see in. It was a Masonic meeting and they came out and said to the people, "we have given you a government." There was no vote by the people to have that government. The public have no say in the whole thing; and then they give you the foundation myths that George Washington could not tell you a lie and all this stuff. These are called foundation myths that they always give every country. That's to make them feel good about themselves. They had meetings in Europe before the Revolution and they had the Concert of Europe and they had different ones they called them. The elite wanted a world society. They knew the way they were going. They couldn't war amongst themselves, the psychopathic crew, again at the top of this monied system that there are always psychopaths, and then they become inbred psychopaths and then hereditary psychopaths. They knew they couldn't keep on having wars without eventually having a global society, because every war led to a takeover of other countries and amalgamations that started with alliances to become amalgamated to become empires. They knew eventually they'd end up with one global empire but they knew they couldn't do it quickly with the countries that were already known for plundering every country they went into. That was Britain, France and all the other Germanic countries and so on. Therefore they had to create a new knight in shining armor that stood for freedom and democracy and all the this stuff; and so they created the United States of America, the elite. They also knew by the size of the Americas and the natural resources that it would be built up through immigration and manpower to lead the world. They'd be the richest country in the world. They could finance wars. Wars are very expensive and global war would cost an awful lot of money and manpower for a military, so they had to create this; then they gave the world this new one that didn't have a history of plundering other nations when it started off and it led the charge. Today when you go across the world, even 20, 30 years ago when you traveled across the world, you'd meet people coming from Georgetown University and students doing their work abroad to help the peoples; but what they were really doing was bringing the American business system with them and furthering American corporate interests abroad. That's really what they were doing. The U.S. has caused more wars and done more war-like things through international corporatism than any other way. Here's the dilemma. The people have come to this point thinking the past was normal and the money system was normal. Their industry has gone abroad. Most of them saw it happening and didn't recognize it at the time. They floated through the changeover to China as the industry was leaving shores. You can't get America back to a phase because all the industry is gone; and under this economic system, if you don't produce product, then you're a service economy. Service economies, as the big economists tell you, were meant as stop gap measures between industry and something else. If there is nothing else to take its place, the dog that's paddling will eventually flounder and drown. It looks to me like the U.S. is going to be vastly depopulated in the future; and that ties in with books like " Millennium" by Jacques Attali. A man who helped spearhead the unification of Europe and who wrote about the next phase, which is the unification of the Americas in his book " Millennium," written about 1990. He said that eventually when the borders were going down in the Americas, the Latin Americans will flood up and for a while, there will be mayhem as even the big gangs move up. He said it will be similar to Attila the Hun invading Rome et cetera. The Huns and the Goths and Visigoths invading Rome when they come in, but eventually it was settled down. However, that they knew, America would never come back. In fact, the next boat people would be Americans going across the world looking for employment. This has all been discussed at top think tanks at international levels for many years.

The depopulation on one aspect will be say mass immigration out of America eventually, but they also believe at the top that they don't want (and they mean this) they don't want what they call "useless eaters." These guys at the top want an efficient system where you're not born just to enjoy yourself and eat et cetera, but rather to produce for this system. They've said before: if there's no work for you to produce for this system, you are therefore a useless eater and they will not tolerate them to live. They mean what they say. They want to vastly reduce the population over the next 10, 20 years. If you look at all the agreements that have been signed by every country in the world, including the Kyoto Agreement, they want to kick back countries like Canada and America to the pollution standards of pre-1960. Pre-1960 had a much smaller population than today and electricity, your gasoline, all of those things you know. That's the China express that's going by my house, by the way, so they phone up all the Costco stores across Canada.

People like Bertrand Russell and the Council on Population Control at the United Nations have put out these statements that they are going to have vastly reduced populations that will live in these habitat areas. The United Nations has websites up on these habitat areas. What it boils down to is initially the habitat areas are the existing cities that are going to become tremendously crowded, but they also had habitat areas with armed guards and perimeter fences with high-tech homes for the high bureaucratic class that will be running the Americas. This is modeled on the Soviet System where no one could leave their area. They all lived in a form of almost a British third-rate level, except for the bureaucracies that serve the system had dachas in the country where they had servants and they could get away and enjoy themselves. That was the model that we're now based upon. These special habitat areas, high tech ones, the present ones will be for advanced professors and people who have control over parts of indoctrination processes, which is very important. Lenin said it himself. He said you must pay the police, the military and the educationalists very well because they do the indoctrination and they keep people obedient.

The people who are sleeping will stay sleeping. It's been the same in all ages if you read history that the populations, the vast of them will go to the wall rather than admit what's happening. They want to believe the propaganda. They want to believe the six o'clock news. They want to believe that the experts are running their lives for them efficiently. They don't want to know the hard, sad truth about the world. They're perpetual children and that's what socialism is, you see. They'll go to the wall holding on to the myth and stay in denial until they personally get hit or thrown out of their homes, or whatever it may be, and then they'll start howling. Then they'll start mobs and then they'll riot, uncoordinated mobs which will riot and the governments are prepared for this. They've been preparing 30, 40 years for this by building up big internal armies and rapid deployment forces. The British Department of Defence, a couple of months ago in the Guardian Newspaper, released nine pages from the Department of Defence for NATO as well as Britain; and the U.S. is part of NATO. They all signed the same thing; and for the next 20 years they project from the top think tanks in the military, they see nothing but riots and what they call flashmobs from the general population getting increasingly worse over the next 10 to 20 years. They are preparing through their think tanks of every possible scenario of what they must do to handle and control the public, including the use of neutron bombs on selected target groups within the population. This is from the biggest Defence Department on the planet. Now what on earth is going to happen to make Joe Six Pack get off his chair and actually take part in something, albeit rioting? What it will be is the effects of things like Kyoto. They're going to stop giving you your gasoline. It's going to get rationed in the future. They want non-essential vehicles only, eventually, on the road for the habitat areas. They're going to cutback electricity usage drastically, all the conveniences that you have and they're also going to give you less and less employment. You're going to get rioting breaking out, an uncoordinated riot that will be dealt swiftly by the police and the military type forces that are being trained to deal with this now. Once the United Nations has declared the sovereign government of the world and the United Americas has taken place officially, the last part of this signing of the Americas will be done in 2010. By 2010, the Americas have to be united completely with its own form of a Brussels type government; and they even discussed creating the new capital of the Americas in Quebec. That was decided back in the 1990's when they did the Free Trade Negotiations. In 2012, the U.N. is to be made the official government of the world. That means the Congress will be like a provincial government and so will the Canadian one.

They planned to have everyone brain chipped so people won't be able to think at all; and I'm not kidding about that. They've actually done testing on this. This is the big push now making people think it's a natural progression from the computer to the little Blueberry that they have, the little machine to the cell phone and then to the brain chip. People are getting indoctrinated that this is a natural evolution. However, once that brain chip is installed—and they've had world meetings on this at big universities like Loyola University in Louisiana, the World Science Meetings. The chip is ready to go. It does interface with your neurons, your nervous system. It will be able to transmit to your brain and transmit from your brain to central regionalized computers. This is ready to go. All they have to do now is convince the public to accept it and they're doing that through movies and fiction. The youngsters, it's already through their cartoons. They think it's going to be a wonderful idea, but what they're not telling you is once you take this chip and they flick the main switch and the real purpose kicks on, you will no longer be you. What they said at Loyola was – In fact, you'll be unable to even perceive yourself as a distinct separate individual. At the Loyola meeting the professor from Japan who'd been working on this brain chip, which is ready to go, he said that think of it more like the hive rather than individuals. You'll have a hive mentality where you'll hear whispers of instructions going to those around you and whispers of their thoughts going to you back to the main computer. That's exactly what you've been watching on Star Trek with the Borg. That's what the Borg is all about and the Borg are all one. In the New Age movement you hear the mantra that we're all one. Sure, for the New Agers that all of them are going to get their chance. They'll all be one. It's just that they won't retain their individuality to do anything with it.

[thanks to Alan Watt]