Sunday, February 8, 2009


It's theirs

Here are some of the things your computer does for them

Everytime you use your password you are activating a Ground Positioning System that tells THE WORLD CONTROL SYSTEM where you are; so don't let your enemies be the only ones who know, take a risk and share your password with as many of your friends as possible. You will then lead as many parallel lives as possible and who the hell knows what might happen. You might just meet nice people just like you.

Everytime you add eXtreeme Tracking etc. to your site you, thereby, enable the Dutch Royal Family toll-gaters and their local agents to track the visitors to your site. And, you are seldom, if ever, given the entire list of visitors because they don't want you to track them.

Everytime you add free displays such as weather, time, maps, or the visit count to your site you are also providing access, usually through secret portals, to many other sites that you may not want to encourage if you only knew what was really going on, ie: terrorists, pornography, spies, etc..

When you think you have joined like-minded communities, chances are that the neighbourhood housewife you think you're communicating with is really a monk situated in a monastery in Slovakia or Poland who always tries to sell you JESUS, family or a job. Yes, they too have quotas, just like any other on-line marketeer.

And don't ever believe that your computer is secure.
It only keeps out some bottom level crooks. Your slave-masters use GOD passwords that can circumvent any security device on your computer. These are usually embedded in your virus, worm or spam blockers. Trojan Horses like to hide in your printer's software.

It's always best to think of your computer as some transnational spy that lets your fingers do the talking, so he/she doesn't have to do the walking.

The only communications company I know that tells it like it is, is called TELUS....and you do.

The biggest liars on the net, 24/7 news, mostly lie by omission rather than by commission. Like judges in the courtroom they forget on purpose.

Go ahead, educate all the spies in the meantime and believe me, your real friends will eventually show up just in time. And when they do, if your brain still functions, you will know the difference between them and the spies soon enough.

The SculPTor
January 16, 2007