Saturday, August 29, 2009

Don't just understand English ....the world's Universal Language.

In order to truly COMPREHEND IT, one must first OVERSTAND IT.

To overstand how a language can be written and used as open source coding, one must comprehend that this coding will either be used to explain important past events which have already occurred, or again, evolving events which Persian Freemasons have long planned (prophesied) for our future; as part of their long-term NWO business plan to take over the world.

First, you must know that each character of the modern alphabet was designed in the Desdemona type face; each character to be decyphered as a pictograph that tells a much bigger story, and that each character was also given a phonetic value, as well as a secret, alpha and numeric value. Letters of the alphabet are Philosopher's Stones, the building blocks of words.

Here, the two main keys are "IRE" and "EAU".

IRE is the alphabet's symbol for FIRE (roll), while EAU (rock) is the alphabet's symbol for WATER (French). Together, as rock and roll, they represent fire and water, the two main pillars of Freemasonry; that Enoch says survived "the flood".

Later, we will learn how the letter "U" can also be a letter "J" (which itself, viewed as a pictograph, makes a big letter "U"). This pictograph is known as The Holy Graal.

Fire is linked to the name IRE~land. Once this is overstood, one will better comprehend why the Boston Diocese of the Catholic Church, Franciscan Fathers, the WTC and NY Port Authority; along with the Church of the Nativity and the Palestinian Authority, in Bethlehem, were linked to~get~her in 9/11, the Y2K event that launched the Persian destabilization plan for both, the American and Israeli societies.

One sample code, Browne's coding key to vowels, may be found in many encyclopedias of American Freemasonry.

This exercise may be too difficult for most of you, but hey, you've got to start somewhere. If nothing else it confirms that Persian Freemasonry does in fact use codes to communicate secretly, and that, contrary to what Freemasonry's Talking Mule apologists would have you believe.


Message: 'Please to assist me in opening the Lodge'

Code structure:

B - R - O - W - N - E
. a - e - i - o - u - y
K - C - O - L - N - U

Decoded message : written as keys to the code:

Ubs Rplrbsrt wbss ostm Ronwprn Pongth Mrlwdgr
Pleaset oass istm e in open ingth elodge.

It is also important to realize that, since the days of the Tower of Babel (allegory), each of the world's 6000 languages was rewritten, or converted along the way, by the Egyptian priests of Heliopolis, then by the Phoenicians, and since 1492, by the French/German Basque Priest~Hoods; each translation being based on Horite~Persian Freemasonry's original standards (HP).

This fact alone, being the basis of all philology, leaves no doubt that ancient Zoro-Astrian/Zoro-Babel tax collecting priests of Persia are behind the 8000 year old conspi racy that supports international war, terrorism, free trade, national politics, organized religion, organized crime, international banking/monetary policy and secret societies.

The SculPTor