Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How they do it

To create a brain dead slave, one who will not rebel unless specific information is fed to him, one must create language. This is done by eradicating original language and constructing a programmed one. By feeding him a sequence of composed information, and understanding his logic, the slave will bee-hive in the desired manner. Such techniques have been known since before the ice age. Reinforcements are built in. The Persian Magii knew this well. To dominate, visual distortions (illusions) must be performed, the mind tricked into seeing something which does not exist, or/ and by allowing him to come to the only conclusion his/her programming will permit. This necessitates intensive work on only one generation, which then will program its own offspring. Once programmed the victim is ab-original, unable to reach rational conclusions on his/her own. For instance Zarathustra/Zoroaster created a priesthood which managed to dominate an entire people. They forgot that fire was for heating and cooking and began worshiping it. Earthly fires became manifestations of the Big Fire (the Sun) and in no time the intermediaries (priests) had taken over the wealth and daily routines of the people. Zoroaster said, "Right you all (ritual), this is the way it works." He then produced a long list of taboos called Sins and in pictographic language described the horrors of eternal damnation. Life became a battlefield between two deities. The good guy was called Ahura-Mazda (Ramada and Ramadan), representing all that was politically correct, the bad guy was called Angro-Mainyus (from which we derive the word anger-angry man), later known as Ahriman. So many laws were enacted, the average person could help but break a few each day. After bombasting the 'sinner' with vivid descriptions of eternal torment, he priest would then offer the solution, "However, for a small fee, I may be ABLE to intercede on your bee-half, how many cows you got?" "Three," replied the groveling ab-original, lifting his face from the dirt and spitting sand. Looking suitably grave, the priest raised his face to the sun, muttered some gibberish, sighed and said, "O.K., gimme two, and remember, I'm doing you a favor by letting you go off so lightly. "From this con derives the word solicitor, better known in North America as Lawyer. Now it never occurred to the ab-original that this priest wore women's clothing. Come to think of it, so do Kings, Politicians, Priests, Judges, Lawyers, Doctors, Scientists, Arab Emirs, Scots and selected University Professors and Graduates ~ MBA, PHD and LLD but it must all be coincidence right?