Sunday, July 25, 2010

Forgotten and Remembered

Merely to look out at the world at it is is to behold the perfect workings of Creation. Nature reveals to us the entire workings of the invisible principles of life, it doesn't explain them or prove them, it does nothing but EXPRESS them. It shows us that no matter when where or why these workings continue to operate. Every thing from the smallest stone to a distant star out in space is part of a profound pattern of realities. There is no break or distortion in the laws of nature, it flows forever in its own nature. In this natural process of evolution all things are growing to the fulfillment of themselves. We are here to learn and everything that we learn is part of the process of growing. We're not here to compete against each other and accumulate wealth like our hidden masters would want us to believe. We're here to grow and the evidence of this is all around us. Take a walk in the real world like the woods or something and you'll see it all working together. Just look at that scenic view and you'll see eternity captured in time. Like St. Bernard said instead of going to books where authors contradict each other, go into the vast infinity of nature where nothing contradicts anything else. If it appears to contradict it is because of our own ignorance, the contradiction is in ourselves. Creation destroys nothing, all it does is change it to something better. Creation allows to perish that which does not serve its purposes. Especially where I live here in New York most people just move around in a rush trying to get from one place to another. They are just existing not living life because they don't understand life. If people would take a step back and look at it all understanding their purpose than the WILL of Creation would work through all of them. We have to think with Creation instead merely thinking of it. The human being from within his/her self has the answer to all things. The moving universe is every moment changing, every moment growing, every moment setting new patterns, always perfecting itself loving itself. All thing must change because there must be growth. Maybe the Greeks were right about everything being alive which is part of the reason they personified everything. Truth is alive and walks with those who serve it. The first step you take towards reality brings forth this contact with something that walks with you the rest of the way. The mind can be deceived the body can be punished but the truth in your DNA lives on. When you understand the will of Creation, space is with you, time is with you, eternity is with you and little by little the purpose for yourself is fulfilled. Everything around us lives in a sea of truth, lives in a vast organism which is based upon infinite wisdom. The atom, the cell, each of them is a unit of truth in itself . In the scheme of things each of us must figure out our own eternity. We must realize we are not born when we come here and we do not die when we go. Everything in life goes on in life, there is no dead spot in the universe. All things are part of something so much bigger than we are, this greater reality in a sense is our only security, it is the one thing that cannot fail. Truth is something that lives but never dies, it is gone but never ceases it just is. It is another name for the soul. It is achieved because it is potentially possible to the individual. There is nothing that can prevent the individual from attaining truth except his/her own reluctance. The Individual should be able to move forward step by step in a dedicated search for reality. The moment he/she begins to make an effort to direct and vitalize his/her own integrity, the journey towards reality begins and in that moment the being of truth takes his/her hand and will lead him/her to eternity. Nothing can interrupt it, nothing ca prevent, nothing can halt the inevitable victory of reality over illusion. Space the outside, the invisble universe around us on one hand can be looked at as a symbol for the unknown within us and theoretically in order to solve any region of the outside mystery we must solve the corresponding region of the inside mystery. Truth can be discovered only by experience and humans can experience nothing but themselves. We can contemplate all kinds of things, but the viatal experience of I KNOW can only come internally.