Friday, August 20, 2010


It is the thought that produces the thinker and not the thinker producing the thought. In the beginning was not the mind but the thought and the thought was everywhere and in everything and in order to express itself the thought brought forth the mind. The mind became the instrument and thought ensouled the mind. But mind can die again and the thought remains. This thought is a kind of vagrant existence. From the instincts of a bird to the intuition of humans, these are thoughts that get remembered by something infinitely more powerful and more profound then we could ever imagine. Creation, this incredible process is the boundless which extends to the infinity of things, there is nothing beyond it, there is nothing apart from it and in the beginning it was one substance. Indivisible, it is one unknowable process that extends everywhere forever. This universal creating power divides within itself but itself is never divided.. It is the ONE and one only. You can find no circumference for it, manifestation takes place within it. Multiplicity arises within Unity but multiplicity does not over form and destroy unity. The ONE always remains just as the infinite multiplication of cells in the human body must always take place within the original germinating cell and from the walls of the original cell must be and will be ultimately formed within the skin which covers the entire body. The cells multiply within the cell but the original cell is not divided. Creation exists as an infinite diversity within unity but unity is never divided. Therefore the sum parts must always be the ONE. There can never be more, there can never be less. In all figuring, if every atom of the universe is counted as a separate fractional unit the sum of everything must never exceed one because one is all there is. So we can have this infinite division but we can't divide unity nor can we take an infinite and declare either its center or circumference. In fact we cannot declare that there is any essential difference in the infinite life within which the diversity of existence occurs. So whatever occurs, occurs within life itself. It is a manifestation, from the infinite life it comes, by life it is supported and to life again it returns therefore there is no death. Death is merely an infinite changing of the arrangement of fragments. The patterns are forever changing, disappearing and appearing again. But disappearance is not into death but into life and appearance is not from death but from life.In early Egyptian times the dead were buried in the knee-chest position, which is called the embryo posture. This was to indicate the deceased person was passing into a kind of second infancy or was to be reborn in another world, therefore his/her grave was embryo of another life. The only reason why anything can be born is because everything is alive. The only reason that immortality is possible is because nothing can die in a universe which there is only one life. Buddhism says that the ultimate is to be reunited with the totality. Life itself is like an ocean and all created creatures inhabiting this sea cannot come out of the sea they can never have any other habitat so they're like structures floating learning from each other and their surroundings forever in a eternal life principle. We are groping towards truth through knowledge, we are also groping towards truth through understanding. To overstand is to grasp the full meaning, to grasp the full meaning is to experience this meaning within ourselves. It is the individual becoming aware of that which is superior to his/herself.

Speak in French when you can’t think of the English for a thing--
turn your toes out when you walk---
And remember who you are!"
— Lewis Carroll (Through The Looking Glass)