Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hope and Faith

PriMITive Thinking and ModERN Thinking are both based on assumptions

OriGINal Thinking?

Causality so understood , is one of our most sacred dogmas.

Chance occurrences are repellant to the mind that loves order. In spite of our reluctance to admit chance, and in spite of the fact that events run true to general laws, it is still undeniable that we are always and everywhere exposed to incaluable accidents. Accidents only called because we have no control over them.

Primitive man assumes that everything is chance, only he does not call it chance, but intention,
calculating intention.(5th dimension)

-primitives saw the connection in things

-modern people see everything as disconnected

-modern people pay attention to single events

-to the PRIMitive person things they dream about are real to them, that is their only
reason for paying attention to dreams

But...after all, the single thought which sets the thoughts in motion, the single soveREIGNty which gives a form to something which is the chaos of churning biology, its precision to the pre-determined goal.