Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jennifer (Arizona Wilder/ Penfield) Nagel-Greene-Kealey


Search for the meadow key…the grassland leading to the Fifth and Sixth dimensions

Dr. Wilder Penfield, of the Montreal Neurological Institute which he founded on behalf of our world controllers, made some very interesting discoveries there, not the least of which was….that each individual’s recombinant DNA has a distinct “telephone number”.

By using the proper “timing benchmarks”, specialized computers that “speak the scientific language of DNA” can be programmed to activate contact with a person’s specific memories, and when necessary retrieve them, much as one retrieves a specific scene located on a video tape or disk.

Unfortunately for scientists, most people alive on the planet today are descendants of the original gypsy ROMA wanderers who were “engineered” after the last ice age, and therefore, have no recorded memories prior to that time. Yet, a very few people alive on Earth today, however, are descendants of the Cro-Magnons whose recorded memories do extend beyond the last ice age, to approximately 40,000 B.C..

Jennifer Kealey is one of these, along with her current husband, Glen Kealey.

This is why she, like he, was “re-animated” from a coprolite base (her in 1955), by Dr. Penfield and his associates.

Her DNA was then “programmed”, through a process styled RITUAL Social Engineering known only to Ecclesiastic Freemasonry, with the real life BENCHMARKS that allow for an easy retrieval of some of her very ancient memories.

Jennifer Kealey is a very special lady, with very special “connections”.

Glen Kealey