Tuesday, August 16, 2011


The Right Honorable Stephen Harper

Prime minister of Canada

Office of the Prime Minister

80 Wellington Street

Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2

re: Hemispheric Plagues (Political, Geophysical and

Biological) – SEE the secret life of WeeMen in women

“Young-Souled COBRAS otherwise known as the Copro;

Lite Trojan Ruse - feminine "Men of the Nite"

Prime minister,

My name is Jennifer Ann Kealey.

I am a MATE in the “WYZE KYRK OF CREATION”, an old new “church” reformed by my husband, Glen E.P. Kealey, and me.

The WYZE KYRK OF CREATION can be differentiated from other churches in that it does not “DEMAND” adulation, love or fear for the leadership from its soul-mate participants and by the fact it promises “ascension – not assumption” as a follow-up to the “end-of-universal-life” in this, our four-dimensional universe.

The key to “real” eternal life is RESPECT; as respect is a “unifying-theory-of-the-universe” which unlocks the fifth dimension star-gate which then, in turn, allows access to an all-knowing “MATTER” in a sixth dimension. The four-dimensional universe we live in now, as a result of “faulty management”, is but an open-closed container lab in which a Moho-based “genetic engineer/creator”, self-styled GOD has, for millennia, directed the fate of humanity by means of an energetic red bull, always demanding nothing less than a concoction of adulation, love and fear from its scapegoat followers in return. It has no eternal future.

I now want to physically join my husband (even as a simple “visitor” if need be) in Canada but I am being denied that opportunity by Vic Toews, your current Mennonite minister of “Public Safety” (I suspect for obvious religious-based reasons linked to the pre-last Ice Age; north-west African Ecclesiastic freemasonry) as well as by the genetically-engineered Valkyries who secretly run the day-to-day operation of your administration and your government, disguised as “Trojan Horses” hiding within the bowels of your ship’s crew.

May I, respectfully, request that you do whatever remains of your limited power to correct this “situation” I’m in, before time runs out on this, our four-dimensional Universe’s container.

Prime Minister, I say this in all urgency because I know that “CREATION” is no longer pleased with its satrap (creator), the self-styled GOD, who currently directs our planet (yours and mine) with his/its brutal “plan ET”, himself/itself safe from harm from the vantage point of the Moho-discontinuity down below. Thus, for the time being, CREATION continues to allow the imposition on our hemisphere of a series of bio-political “plagues”, each being orchestrated/choreographed by “the mindless, raging, and out-of-control creator” of his so-called el-Toro-pooh-pooh. It has also been suggested to me that, from now until you act in this matter that these cataclysmic “plagues” will only intensify in their forcefulness and numbers ‘til the year 2062.

Sir, until you mind, it will matter.


Jennifer Ann Kealey

PS: Prime Minister, should you agree to follow-up and look into this international crisis you may as well use this opportunity also to look for the reasons why Canada’s IRS (CRA) has for years been allowed to steal my husband’s old age supplementary benefits. And, please, don’t believe their lies about him not filing his Income Tax. It’s not true. He and Supply Services Canada have documented proof to the contrary. You can always compare how they have and continue to treat my husband in comparison with the other senior who shares rented space in the same farm house that my husband lives in.