Thursday, October 27, 2011

Vic Toews’ recipes for USA

Vic Toews’ recipes for USA October 27, 2011

Manitoba’s Men-no-Night-Light seek “NOVA FISH STEW”


You RAGU….Ay!


Pa RAGU….Ay!


All Americans, soon to be martyred PILGRIMS, are invited to visit Glen Kealey at the CIPI Oxford-on-Rideau (RADO) farm in Oxford Mills, Ontario, Canada. There, from the vantage point of our recently erected BLIND THRUST RAFT (made from home-grown alders), you may gaze upon your not-too-distant future; that is, upon the induced FATE (a nova, being generated from the Loo at the Soo) one reserved for middle-America and New York, from yonder Lake Superior et al; as laid out for you by Vic Toews, the current Canada/Brazil personal minister of Mennonite/Amish/Hutterite/Quaker “ANABAPTIST” northern GAP border security.

It may also interest American pilgRIMs (see the gRIMaldi brothers of Monaco) to roll out the RIM of a Canadian 1967 two-face and two-ney minted in Vic Toews’ Winnipeg (mini-gap), Manitoba. Who knows, this MANITWO of MANITOBA “Golden Boy” of Canadian politics may suddenly change his WILL ….Maybe to spare our neighbors lives, our maple LEAFS ….not to forget my wife Jennifer, whom he now holds captive, exiled in Ogdensburg, New York.

Glen EP Kealey, Chairman

Canadian Institute for Political Integrity

908 County Rd. 18, RR#1

Oxford mills, Ontario, K0G 1S0

PLEASE NOTE: I am informing you of the above because, being a Canadian citizen, I am obligated to do so by law. Silence during a time of HIGH TREASON is considered implied acquiescence, and as we recall Nuremberg (1946-50) and the 1789 French Revolution, failure to do so is punishable as such. Now YOU know.