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Wed 8/08/12 3:20 PM
Ms. Kealey –
Thank you for your email to the Congressman on June 22nd regarding Minister Toews. The assertions in your letter are quite serious and we highly recommend that you contact your local law enforcement authorities to pursue these charges further. Our office has no jurisdiction over these matters.
Best Regards,
Adam Elias
Congressman Bill Owens (NY-23)
431 Cannon House Office Building

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                                                                                                                                              August 11, 2012
Congressman Bill Owens                                                                            
431 Cannon House Office Building                                                                                         RE: email received from your
Washington DC  20515-3223                                                                                                office signed by Adam Elias
                                                                                                                                              and dated 8-8-2012 

Dear Sirs;

In regard to your email of August 8, 2012, there are facts from my past and the recent discovery of who within the system it is that holds the power that agencies (e.g. law enforcement) answer to that are relevant to my current situation and are the cause of a conundrum for me as to what course of action I may pursue at this point.

Vic Toews, as the minister of Public Safety in Canada is also known as the Solicitor General, a title which signals specific powers to those in the know within the government. As such, he has complete control over the police, prison system, CSIS, Canadian border guards, RCMP, and the decision remains with him as to which criminal cases go to trial in the court system of Canada. In short, he represents the government’s position. When speaking legally, he has more power than the Prime Minister in Canada (the title “Solicitor General” carries with it the same power and control in the USA).

In 1989 I filed a police report in southern California with the Anaheim police in regard to my sexual molestations by my father, giving details about what he told me to keep me quiet about it. In the end, I was told that there was a “statute of limitations” that prevented anything from being done about it; and why had I waited so long to report it?...

Recently I provided to your office a March 20,1994 report by a therapist which states that I had been diagnosed as having Multiple Personality Disorder (now called Dissociative Identity Disorder), as well as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and resulting Major Depression. The report also stated that there was “an absence of any psychotic or factitious elements” to my reporting of events. This therapist was also witness to the resulting damages incurred upon my life as well as the knowledge that I continued to be “harassed  and abused by cult members even while in treatment”….

Multiple Personality Disorder results from repeated induced trauma that is so severe that the memories are repressed; it is the most developed “disorder” along a full spectrum of disorders in the category of “Dissociative Disorders” that result from repeated, severe traumas (abuse).

The report of that therapist was sent to attorney Michael J. Siegel of the state of California Victims Compensation and Government Claims Board and was denied by them for financial compensation to me in order to assist me to pay for therapy expenses.  I will add here that a district attorney was appointed to this board in recent years by a past California state governor who also attended and participated in these rituals prior to becoming governor of California. I believe a decision was made through the legal system in California to deny my claim by people who had more than passing knowledge of ritual abuse as I had witnessed their attendance on numerous occasions. The attendees included among others; 4 past governors of California, California House of Representative members, California state assembly members, 2 ex POTUS, certain other political members of the US Senate, future and current high level Canadian political officials, as well as corporate executives.

I do not claim to be sexually assaulted and raped by all these persons, but identify them as being present at rituals. As I found out later these “activities” were always recorded and held for blackmail purposes should the need arise. It was never intended that I would be able to recall or report past traumas.

The “factions” that provided cover and ritual site protection included Orange County Sheriffs and Los Angeles County Sheriffs in southern California. My report of my father’s molestations of me to the Anaheim police was never followed up on, and neither was my report to Orange County Child Protective Services when my daughter reported sexual molestations to me that included suggested participation by family members. It became evident to me that the legal system was “circling the wagons to protect the perpetrators.”

When I filed a police report with the Van Nuys police department in the 90’s about my ongoing kidnappings and continued harassment, physical and sexual assaults, I was accused of lying, even though the proof was visible on my body, and the therapist corroborated the facts.

As a matter of fact, according to the Canadian Institute for Political Integrity, these police on paper only proactively participate by driving the “get-away car”.

 The result is that rituals and ritual abuse which involve sexual assaults, rape, and cannibalistic activities are ignored and covered up by the very police agencies whose job reportedly it is to investigate. I no longer live with that illusion.

 The title of “Solicitor General” designates a person in authority who is involved in some way, has knowledge of ritual activities and from whence the funding for these activities is coming from to control the police and prosecutors. Therefore my question to you is: Outside of your direction as stated in your letter have you any other suggestions that may assist me in getting beyond the impediments placed by the controllers and could possibly lead me to establish a normal landed immigrant status alongside my husband in Ontario, Canada. Failing that, have you any suggestions about how I can earn a living in New York state if the healthcare industry is in fact “black-balling” me, when nurses in search of excellence are being over ruled by their human resources department “in search of mediocrity”?

Jennifer Ann Kealey
An “Outlier” in Ogdensburg