Thursday, September 20, 2012



NYS Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance                       September 18, 2012
40 North Pearl Street
Albany, New York 12243                                                     RE: NOTICE # U4077P2842
                                                                                                       Rendered July 24, 2012
                                                                                                Request for “Fair” hearing

                                Relief from Ogdensburg Spawning Mediocrity 

To Authorities It May Concern:

This letter is to serve notice that I disagree with the decision of the St. Lawrence County of Social Services as representative for the State of New York verbally and in writing informing me that I am not eligible for temporary financial aid.

As a result of an ongoing investigation by the investigators of Canadian Institute for Political Integrity (CIPI), assisted at times by myself, it is alleged that criminal activity by employees of the State of New York and others too numerous to mention involving fabrication and distribution of human babies is the root cause of my current problem.

 I have been unable to obtain any type of RN position in two years in New York state because I am being locked out of all job situations, and on the other end, the state of New York, being responsible for my current situation is, through the Department of Social Services refusing to qualify me for financial aid that I must rely upon to survive as a result of the NYS Health Department’s refusal to employ me in a profession even they say that I excel at (see 90% and 100% scores on NYS civil service exams).

From August 2010 until May 12, 2012 I had to rely on unemployment benefits from the state of California at which time it was abruptly ended due to California no longer qualifying for FED-ED extensions. Since then, I have subsisted on small loans and what my husband and a few others could financially donate to me. I was approved for food stamps only. My situation grows increasingly dire with each passing day. I am unable to pay my rent in October, along with other bills. I maintain I am being denied financial aid by the State of New York as “Part II” to being denied a job in the state of New York – “Part I” to complete the goal of maintaining control over my living situation and to prevent me from having independence to travel in my car to Canada.

 Per the report by DSS, the basis for the decision rendered against me receiving financial aid is based upon the assessment by Danielle Wright, Social Welfare Examiner, and her supervisor, that my 2008 Honda Civic, which I am not the owner of until it is paid for is a resource worth $12,572.00 and $849.00 in a checking account, which at this time is down to under $10.00. Per their assessment, my total resources are $3,721.00. I still have to make payments on this car; Honda Financial Corp. will repossess this car if I do not. When I brought this up to DSS, I was told to sell my car. I ask this office; why should I be forced to now sell my only reliable source of transportation as yet another condition designed to force me to be restricted from traveling to visit my husband by the state of New York because I have discovered the illegal activities (dirty little secrets) in which the state of New York is not only fully knowledgeable, but has in every way been actively involved in for hundreds of years and which the state has benefitted from financially?

I maintain that this decision has been issued against me as part of a conspiracy to keep me from having any ability to 1) be financially independent, and 2) to be able to cross the border to go into Canada and see my husband and most importantly, to enable parties within CIC Immigration, Public Safety Canada, and the Canadian Border Services Agency to continue to place restrictions upon me at the border and inhibit and prevent my ability to travel into Canada to live with my husband, and to prevent me from qualifying for the citizenship process.   

I have been a resident of Ogdensburg, New York since July 2010. I moved here after resigning my position as a director of nursing in a 5 star rated Alzheimer’s LTC in order to begin the process of sponsorship with my Canadian husband. He had instructed me to cross the border at Emerson (above North Dakota), but when I arrived, I was served an illegal and doctored exclusion order which stated I could not enter Canada for one year. At the time, neither I nor my husband, Glen Kealey, the founder and chairman of the Canadian Institute for Political Integrity understood why this had happened. As we later discovered and which was being followed up on by CIPI investigators is that the current minister of Public Safety, Vic Toews, was responsible for denying me entry in an attempt to protect the knowledge he carried of his past and numerous (his own past dirty little secrets) sexual assaults and rapes of me as an unwilling victim when he visited southern California in years past to attend pre-Ice Age Ecclesiastic Cannibalistic Voodoo rituals and of which he feared I would make public knowledge. Two years ago, I did not know his name or that he was the Canadian Public Safety Minister. When I saw him on television last year in January 2011, I recognized him and immediately connected him with the crimes he had perpetrated upon me in the past. During this time period, my husband and I had filed for sponsorship with CIC Immigration and I had submitted the fee of $550.00 in October 2010. Over the next year and a half, the paperwork we had submitted was returned four times with a denial that there was a file established even though CIC received payment of $550.00 on October 1, 2010. Vic Toews refused to rescind the exclusion order. After one year passed, on July 22, 2011 I again attempted to cross the border at Ogdensburg to Prescott. I was again refused entrance on the basis I was unemployed and had no funds.

Over the period of August 2010 to May 12, 2012 I continued on California state unemployment and continued to file employment applications not just in Ogdensburg, but to facilities in St. Lawrence County, and even further out of my driving range. All the while I continued to observe that the four nursing facilities in Ogdensburg; United Helpers now known as Mosaic, St. Joseph’s Home, St. Lawrence Psychiatric Center, and Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center continued to advertise nursing positions for which I was qualified, and had applied for many times and continued to apply for. I was interviewed ultimately by all four facilities and summarily lied to by the CEO of St. Joseph’s Home (who came there from United Helpers/Mosaic as their director of nursing from the Riverledge facility), as well as by Human Resources of United Helpers/Mosaic. I wrote more than one letter to the New York State Mental Health Board in regard to the activities of Human Resources at St. Lawrence Psychiatric Center; either the NYS Mental Health Board has been kept out of the loop or they are participants in the loop. The nurse manager of the psychiatric unit at Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center informed me that the hospital required that all nurses take a medication test, however the study guide contained questions about mathematical formulas that pharmacists and perhaps ICU/CCU nurses use on a daily basis. On a psychiatric unit knowledge of these formulae are not required or used; patients requiring that level of care are never kept on a psychiatric unit. When I asked this nurse manager about the need to know these, she informed me that all nurses were subject to transfer off their regular floor and assignment as the need arose, which I questioned in a letter to the Claxton-Hepburn board of directors, and which was never answered by them. As far as I am concerned, if, in fact, this really is the policy of the hospital, it is a patient safety issue to require that a nurse be forced to work outside of the area in which her familiarity, training, and expertise lies.

Further, on the board of St. Joseph’s Home and working in the emergency room at Claxton-Hepburn Hospital is the Facilitator of the Gray nuns, a Sister Joan McElwain, with whom I had an appointment in September 2010, and at the suggestion of my husband (whose aunt, Sister Mary Gertrude at St. Patrick’s Home formerly on Laurier Avenue and Kent Street in Ottawa had been in an administrative position), explained my circumstances of being out of work and alone, and asked for assistance. This is a woman who, as an RN has a Masters degree and then attended courses at a medical school to become a Physician Assistant, giving her the same practice level/ privileges as an MD. During the course of explaining to her that I had been the victim of pre-Ice Age Ecclesiastic Voodoo cult activities and that I had on numerous occasions been drugged, kidnapped, and impregnated for their purposes, replied to me, “I think that you have a drug problem…The only woman who was ever made pregnant by means other than intercourse was the Virgin Mary by the Holy Spirit; that has never happened to any other woman…”

 I of course was not making this claim; I was talking about the medical procedure of artificial insemination while drugged via I.V., a concept of which the very educated Sister Joan is either unaware of, or she was in fact saying something else as the insider that she in reality is; the Grey nuns being genetic engineers and themselves performing artificial inseminations. Since the influence of the Grey nuns permeates Ogdensburg is it any wonder that I was never a consideration for employment at any of the facilities in Ogdensburg?

 As well, I continued to reapply to other facilities in upstate New York, never receiving a response. In September 2011, I filled out a civil service exam for NYS Health Care Surveyor 2. I received a letter from the Albany office in April 2012 stating that I had been “approved” along with a more detailed “test” which was to be filled out and returned by May 18, 2012, which I did. In July I received a canvass letter stating I had scored 100% on this exam and inviting me to further apply at regional offices, which at that point began to send letters to me. I had three interviews in early August at Buffalo, Syracuse, and Troy. All three interviews as observed by me were designed not to assess my abilities as a nurse in the long term care field and how my attitude and abilities could contribute to this position, and why I would be interested in working as a surveyor. These interviews were given by persons not interested in what I had to say, and therefore no pertinent questions were asked of me and in the case of Syracuse, no interviewer asked me any questions at all; thus they could score me at a lower level than other people they wanted to hire. All interviews at all three locations appeared to me, (with a background of interviewing potential employees) to be simply following instructions from a higher level.

It therefore appears to me, that when I was directed to Ogdensburg in 2010 neither my husband nor I suspected that I would land in the middle of a state government sponsored fabrication, import-export business of genetically engineered foundlings that supplied the needs of parents all across the northern United States and Canada. I also discovered that to be in search of excellence in institutions apparently designed for mediocrity was a waste of time. And here I am, two and a half years later, stunned by the process and flat broke. Details are available upon request.

At this time, I am requesting a “fair” and unbiased public hearing for the decision not to render “Public Assistance” to me. Also immediate assistance in meeting my financial obligations for the month of October (rent, telephone, car expenses etc.) added to my current food stamps would be appreciated.

Jennifer Ann Kealey