Friday, April 15, 2016


ONTARIO HYDRO through it's agency HYDRO ONE attended to their Hydro pole directly across from our driveway at approximately 10 am this morning. They came in two vehicles; a truck equipped with a fold-up arm which was used to raise a worker/ lineman to the top of the pole. A second vehicle was positioned to assist in security and left the area for a short period of time and then returned. We were not informed of their reason for being there, neither during or after their work. Whatever they did had no visible effect on the power supply today coming to our farm. No geologist was present as far as I could tell, nor was a magnetometer being used to monitor the radiation present at their position, however, thermometers strategically placed in six different locations under the power supply sent from the pole to our house were registering readings anywhere from ONE DEGREE BELOW ZERO CELSIUS to FORTY-TWO DEGREES ABOVE ZERO CELSIUS today at that time. The maximum reading reached during the day today was recorded between the hours of two and three PM being a minimum of TWENTY-ONE DEGREES CELSIUS to FIFTY DEGREES CELSIUS; the highest reading on that thermometer.

This information is being posted with the announced temperatures given today by CBC RADIO as being THIRTEEN DEGREES CELSIUS.

 Our driveway, which sits under the overhead hydro wiring is obviously registering temperatures that exceed those of summertime desert-like temperatures registered in a RAT. Walking in that magnetic field would certainly have dangerous consequences to the human body.

This data is being posted for your information so that you may have all of the transparency work done by HYDRO ONE as they continue to refuse to follow the recommended SEVEN STEP DIRECTIONS given to us by The PINEAL COURT and passed onto HYDRO ONE and ONTARIO HYDRO. The question that remains is why HYDRO ONE refuses to follow the court's direction. Are they hoping I will die as did our tenant Tom Byberg before they are made investigate properly by local authorities?

Glen and Jennifer Kealey