Monday, November 20, 2017


A worldwide police, media and court protected fraud against lone senior citizens which is being perpetrated by bureaucrats in all countries of the world, mostly for the benefit of United Nations (U.N.) bureaucrats, is now being investigated by “The Cell”.

As a result, a vast system of “Island Prisons” is planned for Antarctica.

Bureaucrats, of government or corporations and agencies who participate will suffer the consequences.

The Cell
Cell Investigations Unlimited

ADDENDUM : currently the CELL INVESTIGATIONS UNLIMITED are posting stakeouts at the following :

Bell Canada

Ontario Hydro/ Hydro One

Inside Postal Workers

Canadian Border Security Agency

Canada Revenue Agency

Western Union

United Appeal - Simcoe

H&R Block

Immigration Refugee Board of Canada

Ontario Legal Aid

Justice Canada

City of Brockville Court and Police

McCain Family Trust

United Parcel Service/ UPS

Please note that other likely suspects will be added later as the 27 team investigation moves forward in their own stakeouts....

More to follow....