Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Posted in the CBC

Posted in the CBC 


U.S. quits UN Human Rights Council, accusing it of 'hypocrisy'
Washington alleges 47-member group is biased against Israel
The Associated Press · Posted: Jun 19, 2018 4:26 PM ET | Last Updated: an hour ago

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  • Jennifer Ann Kealey
The bureaucRATS that make up the UN are hypocrites and control-freaks. The UN imposes their sanctions and regulations on “participating countries” which are against established constitutions of individual countries. If each country’s bureaucrats work with the UN to override their own country’s policies to favor the UN rules/policies, that is called TREASON.
The UN decides who actually gets into other countries as migrants and refugees, based NOT upon need or lives in danger, but upon their DNA. Canada’s bureaucratic agenda is right alongside the UN agenda in this. The first thing Canada wants from those seeking entry is blood samples to check DNA. Only those with specific DNA are allowed to stay. The rest are deported.

  • 12 minutes ago

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CREATION will allow a cleansing of bureaucrats who have made a complete mess of North America by their own bosses who have determined their roles have reached the maximum potential of service.