Monday, August 20, 2018


Three years ago on August 21, 2015 two OPP COPS showed up on our property in Oxford Mills, ON, trespassing illegally and without a warrant and grabbed me and dragged me onto highway 18, handcuffed me and threw me in the back of a police car and drove me to the Kemptville OPP station where they put me in a cell. They told me I was in Canada illegally and that the CBSA were on the way there to pick me up and deport me. I told them that would be illegal since there was no judges order to deport me. Unknown to me at the time was that there was no order to deport me because the IRB appointed judge, Patrick LeMieux had ordered that I be granted status to stay in Canada. I was instead sent a fraudulently written order without a judges signature by an IRB office clerk with a degree in anthropology that stated I was NOT granted status to stay in Canada without any order to appear before a judge to begin a deportation process. This letter arrived in August 2014.

None of this made sense to me until I found out that the IRB was infiltrated with personnel from Olgilvy Renault in Montreal when it became part of Norton Rose law firm (completed June, 1, 2011). 

My husband Glen Kealey and I began to realize that every time we went into town we were being stalked by OPP cars. Everywhere we went, there they were. They even sent someone into the laundromat where I was washing clothes or in the area on more than one occasion. My husband was sent back to the laundromat from running his errands on several occasions by our investigators to tell me not to venture outside the laundromat. I had been taking walks along County Road 18 where our home is and found I was being stalked by OPP vehicles. I felt threatened and unsafe, so I stopped taking walks. They still continued to drive slowly by our property on a daily basis.

I suppose they (CBSA, OPP, Bell Canada, HydroOne, all involved and active bureaucrats in the federal government, Ontario Legal Aid, Justice Canada, Public Safety Canada, and the Grey nuns) were all trying to figure out how to pull off ejecting me from Canada without anyone finding out.

According to the Cell Investigators, the PMO’s office recently wrapped up a “secret” investigation of what the CBSA did to me and Glen. The question is, what will the PMO’s office do about it? Does Justin Trudeau know anything about it? Did he order it? Will he be told the results of it ? Or was it done to see how much of it can be covered up?

Brian Mulroney played a part in this because he had a revenge card to play against Glen Kealey, along with some other persons, some of whom are now deceased. 

Vic Toews, rewarded with a federal judgeship in Manitoba, that allows his “extracurricular activities” to continue there had a part in this; he who crossed over the US-Canadian borders at will attending pre-ice age Voodoo rituals in Orange County, California years ago and responsible for multiple ritualistic murders of women.

Bob Rae played a part because he as well made trips to the OC for rituals as well as having me drugged and brought against my will into Ottawa back in 1991 for ritualistic purposes where he, the Lion, a member of the NDP at the time, officiated. He also dismissed charges laid against Mulroney and his cabinet by Lynn Coulter, senior Justice of the Peace, after the 501 hearings held in parliament in June 1991. Brian Mulroney and Bob Rae got together after that and had the laws changed so that no one like Glen Kealey could ever again hold someone in politics committing crimes accountable for what they were doing.

Kathleen Wynn had a part in this, though she tried to appear as though she did not, because she too attended rituals in the OC, that is, Orange County. 

This is why it is not about which party is in power in Canada and the province of Ontario, as the CBC is actively promoting on their site, as well as any other media outlet, and believe me, they have an agenda, and the truth is not it. They do not inform the public about the facts; they filter the truth when they actually decide to put out something. Most of the time they lie by Omission. They have been forced to allow some of my comments in their commentaries, then they try to bury them with a large amount of submissions following mine. Of course, that is after they have their CBC staff of Brown Nosers make vicious and stupid comments intimating that I am crazy, and some of them make reference to the material posted on this site that I have written. Will ANY of this impress CREATION when their trials come up? I think not. CBC et al have never printed anything, never investigated, never called my husband and asked him what is going on. And yes they were sent faxes and emails all along through all these years by myself because the investigators and Glen asked me to do it.

A bureaucracy is running Canada and it does not report to the ministers or to the Prime Minister, aided and abetted by the media, who take orders from their billionaire bosses and then there is the infestation of the United Nations, another bureaucracy that wants to control everything, the chief one being the location of DNA, therefore, people.

Having been married to Glen (in Merrickville, ON) June 21, 2010, I have been with my husband in all that time to this date, August 21, 2018, approximately 2 years and 7 months.

Where is my 2010 legally submitted immigration application and $550.00 fee submitted to Immigration Canada and held by them to this day? Why is nothing being done? Who is really running Canada?

In all this time no attorneys in Canada ever did anything except aid the criminals- the Crown controlled by Vic Toews and Legal Aid Ontario, controlled by Kathleen Wynn included.

I begged Andre Marin for assistance when I was in OCDC and about to be illegally deported, via a fax that I know he received; according to our investigators he was advised by his attorney NOT to assist me.

Andre Marin, you are a fraud.

It appears that attorneys do whatever Norton Rose Olgilvy Renault AKA Brian Mulroney want.

I wrote to Rocco Galati, an Atty in Toronto (on advice of attorney Richard S. Jordan, retired RCMP staff sergeant for special federal investigations unit) and never heard anything from him, even after follow up faxes. Did you ever receive what I sent, or did an office bureaucrat take it? I don’t know anymore because it appears all attorneys are controlled but present and talk as if they aren’t.

How about a shout out and public acknowledgement of amicus Atty Laila Demirdache, observed passing messages by me and my husband during my IRB hearing teleconference to an unknown woman sitting in the vicinity of IRB judge Patrick LeMieiux ( who told us it was not his doing for her to be there and that he would be going away on holiday after this hearing on new father leave) on screen during my IRB hearing letting her know that she, Demirdache was on board with the Olgilvy Renault aka Brian Mulroney agenda, and did not do one single thing to positively assist me. She, the UNited Nations bureaucratic spy who made a reappearance at the IRB hearing teleconference held at OCDC October 30, 2015, chatting with the “representative of the Public Safety Minister“ who refused to answer my question of which public safety minister she was actually representing given the fact that there was no one in the Harper government in power at that time and the Liberal government would not be in power until November 2, 2015. In that teleconference hearing held in OCDC that date of October 30, 2015, judge Francois Milo ordered me to reappear before him Friday November 6, 2015 and that the “deportation” was NOT TO BE CARRIED OUT. But I guess they felt they had to go through with it because Jose Valioghli,CBSA bully and liar, who came to OCDC and repeatedly harassed and threatened me for weeks beforehand and that day before the hearing with the IRB judge Valioghli had already given me a fraudulent piece of paper where it was already written “ Refused to sign”. By the way, I still have this piece of paper in my possession.

Laila, you who simply came to make sure the job was finished, and who again, did nothing in my defense, CREATION awaits you for your trial.

Amicus is definitely a friend of the court, and not the person they allegedly represent. Amicus means they are sent to purposely harm your case.

I filed a Leave To Appeal in the Ottawa Federal Courthouse after going to the Ministry of Justice in Ottawa in late August 2014 after never being advised by Laila Demirdache that it had to be done within a certain time period of receiving the phony denial by the aforementioned IRB flunky. At the time we were acting on the belief that I had been denied so it was important to get this hearing and put all the story on the record. We hand- delivered a copy of this filing to Laila Demirdache that very day in her office. She never responded to us about the filed letter; we still acted on the chance that she was going to be helpful and that she had Integrity. When we took the paperwork up to the fifth floor of the courthouse to turn it in, the guard there looked at it and mentioned that someone from CRA had been up there just before us and was in fact looking for this paperwork. I suppose the intent was to make sure it was never filed. But it did get filed and I received a letter from the court stating this and an Atty by the name of Max Binnie was assigned to represent the Crown. Glen called him in late September 2014 asking when there would be a hearing and when would we be notified of it. He said a letter with the date would come soon via registered mail and the next step was to wait for it. Well, it never came. Instead, in December 2014, I received a letter stating the hearing had come up the previous month in November and that because I was not there, my Leave to Appeal had been dismissed. 

In February 2015, Laila Demirdache contacted us and applied pressure for me to begin the Immigration paperwork all over again. We refused, as this would have given Immigration Canada bureaucRATS a chance to get rid of the paperwork and $550.00 fee I legally filed with them, and which they still hold to this day.

I WILL NOT REFILE MY IMMIGRATION PAPERWORK; Mr.Beaulieu asked me why can’t I just refile, and I stated the above.

I want all of you involved in this exposed, charged and tried. I would like it to start here and now. But CREATION is in charge, not I. You will be sent to the PINEAL Court in the end though. The longer this goes on, the more time and penalties are piling up against you.

Obviously attorneys all communicate and stand together.

The previous letter on this site that I wrote engendered a response from the Prime Minister’s office and then a response from a person, a Micheal Beaulieu, stating he is with SIU-UDS-PENSION inviting me to call him, which I did. I spent 52 minutes on the phone with him talking about what had been done to my husband and that the connection goes to CCRA/ CRA, and their ties to CBSA. He listened, was polite, stated he would file a report and that he could only address my husband’s issues. He seemed stunned when I told him what had happened to me. He obviously was on the site because he asked me about the posted message about a fund to help me get to Canada, a post that never received a single response; a test to see if anyone reading the site would want to help. He then asked why couldn’t Glen move to the USA and then why would I still want to go to Canada if all of this had happened, something only ever asked me by bureaucrats who have knowledge of the crimes committed against me and my husband.

Does the Prime Minister even know about the email from his office and the “report” Mr. Beaulieu said he was going to file?

Will something be done by the Prime Minister and any currently active individuals in the federal Canadian government, or are you all in on it, or are you all outnumbered, or do you just not care? CREATION wants to know before you show up for trial.

Mrs. Jennifer Ann Kealey

PS- When is someone going to deal with what Hydro One and Bell Canada have done to my husband Glen Kealey and our home and property as our home is now damaged beyond repair , having been flooded three or four times in the last two years because the sump pump does not come on and winter is coming.
Would any of you like to live without heat or a working toilet in the winter? CREATION is watching.....and eternity is a long, long, long time......