Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Truth about Iraq

Why on earth do we respect people who want to go and kill for a living?

You know at one time before standing armies, kings had to hire mercenaries and mercenaries had no uniforms either. They just wore the clothes that they had and mercenaries brought their own weapons and swords and battle-axes and so on, and it was a straightforward contract. They worked for money and they were allowed to loot the countries they went in. They could share some of the loot for themselves and keep it and of course whoever was leading it would get the biggest amount of loot, but they were allowed to scavenge around and take the extras and rape—that was okay too. They couldn't do all these things in their country. They'd be hung for it, but in wartime they're applauded for it.

They were always called mercenaries and they were the lowest life form on the planet. They were low-level psychopaths that had no compassion or empathy for people. The big trick, once again, is the bringing in of central banking and a debt system where you could tax all of the public to pay off debts for wars, which you could obviously then go and do and have, was to create standing armies and completely alter the appearance of the mercenary.

Now a mercenary is still a mercenary in peace time. A soldier in peace time is a mercenary. He joins in this so-called profession that he wants to do because he wants to do it. That's why he joins it. He used to play cowboys and Indians playing around trees and the forests. Bang, bang you're dead and now he can go and be the real thing. It's a very immature person who's never grown up. He wants to kill people and get little medals for doing so and what they call honor and he dreams of being a team leader. That's what they dream of. That's what sports is all about. Little Johnnie who is knock-kneed and hen-toed suddenly can become the team leader, do a heroic act and all that kind of stuff.

Very infantile characters stay in the military. Some get in and realize what it's all about and get out pretty quickly, but the lifers in there are lost causes and they enjoy it. They're institutionalized inside a system but basically they're still mercenaries. The boys who are in power at the moment in the U.S. know this because they've had so much debate about it during the Vietnam era. They had a hard time making a military that was conscripted obey them because these were characters who would not normally have joined the military and they knew what was right and what was wrong. They didn't have that merciless streak in them so they were not the greatest ones for causing massacres and stuff and that's what war is about really. You want people who will do what they're told and go off and create massacres and keep their mouths shut about it. That's what good mercenaries do, professional mercenaries, but when you conscript people you bring ordinary people into it and their conscious tends to get the better of them. That's why the same bunch that saw all this back in the Vietnam era, who are in power today, vowed it would never happen again. That's why they put big bucks into promoting video games to make sure a whole generation would rise up who would be indoctrinated with these instructions, these instruction games, that's what they are. They're military instruction games in how to train troops. You just kill without thinking.

You think it all happened for fun and profit? No, it wasn't for fun and profit. These games were created by the military-industrial complex to desensitize soldiers from killing and your children are playing with them.