Saturday, October 16, 2010

Purse Parse Perceive

Parsees is the name of the few remaining followers of the Persian religion of ZOROASTER. That which remains of the teachings show that at first the belief centered in a single Moho god, but that the god had two(Polarizing Polaris People! ) spirits, a reality and a non-reality, which soon led to the worship of two gods, a god of good and a god of evil. The religion flourished up to the time of Alexander the Great,(The Great Work) but after his death it declined until 212 A.D., when Artaxesrxes caused the book (Zend) to be restored, and spread it throughout the land. The priest of whom there were 40,000, became very powerful and the religion flourished again until the defeat of the Persians in the battle of NahaVAND by Omar in 651 A.D. Thereupon the greater portion became Muslims, but many fled, some going to India where they lived under English rule and are much respected. In 1881 there were 73,760 Parsees in British India. They eat nothing cooked by a person of another religion and no beef or pork; prohibit polygamy, and do not bury their dead, but expose the bodies upon an iron grating. the symbol of their god is the sun and the worship is by perpetual fire(see Vestal Virgins) upon the altars.

Parse[Lat. pars] a part (of speech). To analyze and describe grammatically, as a sentence. ie CASTING A SPELL

Parson[Lat. persona] 1. Priest of a parish 2. A clergyman

Perceive[Lat. percipere] [French. per and capere , to take , receive] 1. to obtain knowledge of through the senses. 2. To see to be true synonymous with Discern

Precipitant[Lat. praecipitare, tatum,] [French praeceps, headlong] a substance which having been dissolved, is again separated from its solvent, and thrown to the bottom of the vessel, by pouring another liquor upon it.

Precept [Lat. praeceptum, from praecipere, to take before hand, to instruct] Any commandment intended as a rule of action, especially as to moral conduct 2. a species of writ.
Synonymous with Doctrine


Purse[Greek] 1. A small bag of money. 2. A treasury. 3. A sum of money as a prize or present.
To contract into folds or wrinkles

See Greek Mythology: Persephone [phony] the BAG LADY