Wednesday, October 20, 2010

They come and GO like a Hot gust of wind

Simoom or SIMOON is a hot suffocating wind, common in the deserts of Africa and Arabia. It is very much like a cyclONE, with a calm center surrounded by whirling blasts of very hot air, the whole moving slowly from south to north, or east to west. It often carries along columns of sand, and is indicated by a purple atmosphere. It is very injurious to both humans and animals, causing severe pain and a feeling of suffocation. It lasts only for a few minutes, not more than twenty at the most, and occurs in spring and summer.

Simonians were an ancient sect founded by a sorcerer of Samaria mentioned in the book of Acts named Simon Magus or the magician. Simon Magus claimed to be the great power of God, thinking that the gifts of the Holy Ghost were venal, and to be purchased with money. He is said to have invented the Aeons, which were so many persons of whom the Godhead was composed. His concubine Helen, he called the first intelligence, and mother of all things; and sometimes called her Minerva, and himself Jupiter. Simon Magus gained a great many proselytes, who paid himself and his concubine divine worship. Justin Martyr says that he went to Rome, where a statue was erected to him with the inscription "To Simon the Holy God." Hippolytus records that he met Peter at Rome and that he ordered his followers to bury him, promising to rise on the third day. But these stories rest on very uncertain foundations and leave only as certainty the existence of a great con man skilled in the arts of Magism.

Simon says is a game for three or more players (most often children). One of the people is "it" – i.e., Simon. The others must do what Simon tells them to do when asked with a phrase beginning with "Simon says". If Simon says "Simon says jump", the players must jump (players that do not jump are out). However, if Simon says simply "jump", without first saying "Simon says", players do not jump; those that do jump are out. In general, it is the spirit of the command, not the actions that matters; if Simon says "Simon says touch your toes", players only have to show that they are trying to touch their toes. It is the ability to distinguish between valid and invalid commands, rather than physical ability, that matters here.

It is Simon's task to try to get everyone out as quickly as possible, and it is every one else's job to stay "in" for as long as possible. The last of Simon's followers to stay in wins (although the game is not always played all the way through).

It is considered cheating to give impossible commands ("Simon says 'lift both of your legs up and keep them there!'.") or phrase the commands in such a way that the other player has no option but to 'go out' ("Simon says 'jump up'. Come down."). However, at least in some versions, it is allowed for Simon to eliminate players by asking them to do something seemingly unrelated to the game (example: "Anyone remaining join me up here.")