Tuesday, November 30, 2010

HEART<>EARTH~THE EAR is listening from down below

Hearth[heordh] 1. floor of a fire place. 2. a house of the abode of comfort and hospitality.

Heart[heorte, allied to Greek, Skr. hrid] The chief or vital portion. 2. Seat of the affections or sensibilities or of moral life and character. 3. Cou.rage; spirit. Courage, french from Latin. cor, heart.

The Oort

Horde n.[Hindu. urdu, army, camp, market.] a wandering troop or gang.

Ruddy[rud,reid, red] 1. Red. 2. Of a lively flesh color.

Ruddle[rud, red] A spacious of red earth; red ocher. DNA

Rudiment n.[Latin. rudimentum, French. rudis, unwrought; rude.] 1. Unfinished beginnings. 2. A first principle of any art or science. 3. An organ not fully formed.

It is quite easy on a polygraph to detect from the heart when a person tells a lie. In other words his/her heart doesn't accept the lie. His heart reveals the truth of the matter. The individual may receive knowledge through the brain, but truth only through the heart. The heart seems to be more aware of things visible behind itself than in front of itself. The heart contribution therefore is not intellectual, rational, or reasonable in the sense of mental activity. Its contribution is most clearly sense and expressed in the mysterious potential of reality that is lurking within our own nature.

The scriptures suggest that "as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." This thinking in the heart is Creation thinking man, not man thinking Creation. This is Creation manifesting through its works, and these works themselves are not capable of comprehending their own superior. So when the person enters into the heart he/she enters into the quietude of Lao Tze , he/she enters into that silence which came before sounding as Boehme called it and that sounding which must finally return again to sleep. Thus whatever this mysterious power that resides in the heart, maybe its primary requisite is quietude.

It would, and most abide in peace, and the principle experience we have of the heart is the capacity of peace, which comes to us, the capacity to have so great an interior sense of reality that intellection without argument, without debate, without affirmation or denial, the life being experiences the fact of the presence of reality. It is this experience of reality then, this experience of not only of an existence, an eternal and significant existence. This experience comes to us, we then take hold of it and intellectualize it, but the experience, the essential conviction comes first. And this conviction is not thought but known by an experience within the Self.

It is the invisible source of this sense of being, a sense of purposed existence, which all things feel within themselves. The lose of this feeling through any circumstance or affliction can result in what is termed the "Broken Heart". This consciousness in people contributes no ideas, no news, nothing of a tangible intellectual nature, it merely contributes this sense that we exist. Not voice, not rationalized, but assumed so near to us that we don't question it or analyze it, but turn from it to doubt, question, and analyze all other things. It perhaps experienced somewhat in this concept that man is incapable of the experience of death. He/she is unable to know what death means because he/she is alive, and it is a series of certainties based upon the fact that we are alive. The inner part of the person may say "I know", the outer part may say "I choose to believe", then the mind comes along and says "well its my opinion."