Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Mind(Deans) is the Slayer of the Real(Sayer of the Real~I think not!)

The Or
The Ore

Or - [Ctontra. french. adher, adhor, one of two] a connective that marks the alternative.

Ore - Compound of a metal and some other substance by which its properties are disguised.

Other - additional second of two. 2. not this but the contrary.

ottar - [see attar] a highly fragrant oil obtained from the rose.

otter- [otor, oter.] an amphibious carnivorous animal of several species.

ottoman [from Othoman or Othman.] pertaining to Turkey. A Turk. 2. a stuffed seat without a back.

Thor is the mighty thunderer, the one who rumbles his hammer, rides his wooden chariot drawn by RAMS. Thor of the mighty hammer, the destroyer of giants is the human mind, objective intellect. The mind is the conqueror of the mundane world. Thor was the most dependent upon of all the gods. The gods all got together and made a rule. He was so heavy, so massive, and big, that they would not let him enter Heaven by the front door. He had to go around the back because the front door was a bridge of rainbows that heaven and earth and it was figured that the bridge would never carry the weight of Thor and his hammer. So he always had to climb up the back of the mountain, by the slow and difficult path. It is said that in a sense this magic bridge that connects heaven and earth (sephiroth) is a bridge of intuition. But this Bridge is the Medulla. The mind can explore anything but of itself, it cannot experience what it explores, thus the mind is always the the beholder and the observer but never the participator.

rain[regen,ren,Goth. rign, Icelandic, regn, allied to Icelandic. rak, humor.]

rainbow - a many colored arch formed by refraction and reflection of the sun's rays in drops of falling rain.


rack[german.reck;reckon, to stretch, raecan, reccan, to reach] to travel with a quick amble; to steam; to rise or fly, as vapor or broken clouds. REEK

bow[see supra, and of bough.] 1. a weapon for shooting arrows. 2. An instrument having a curved form. (BOWMAN)

bough(bou) [boga, from beogan, bugan, to bow to bend.] a large branch of a tree.

author[latin. auctor, french. augere, to increase, produce] 1. beginner or former of anything; CREATOR; originator. 2. One who writes a book.

authority - legal or rightful power; rule; influence; credit. 2. pl. saying things which carry weight; persons in power. synonymous with force; rule; sway; command; dominion; control; influence; warrant.

war[old english. werre, from O.H. German. werran, to confound, mix]

warrant[old french. warantir, garantir, guarantin, to warrant. O.H. German weren]

guaranty[old french. guarantie, from O.H. German. weren, to warrant keep] an undertaking to answer in case of the failure of another person to pay or perform; a warranty; a security. 1. to engage that another shall perform what he has stipulated. 2. to undertake to secure to another. 3. to indeminify; to save harmless.

guard[old french. guarder, warder, from weardian(we are deans), english. ward] to protect from danger; to secure against surprise or attack. 2. to protect the edge of. synonymous- defend; shield; WATCH. (fencing abbreviation from defense)

weir[see wear] 1 a dam in a river. 2. a fence of stakes or twigs in a stream for taking fish.

weird[wyrd, fate, fortune.] 1. skilled in witchcraft. 2. supernatural; unearthly.

wear[wore; worn; wearing] [werian, weran [linked to wren a bird, Bird Men])(we ran from africa) to carry, to wear, arms or clothes.] 1. to carry or bear upon the person; to have on. 2. to have an appearance of. 3. to consume, waste, or diminish, by use. 4. to cause by friction. 5. to effect by degrees. 6. [Of Ware] to on another tack, as a ship, by turning her round, with the stern to the wind.

whore - a woman who practices unlawful sexual commerce with men, especially one who does it for hire. To have unlawful sexual commerce.

WHERE ARE THE.Y(its a statement not question)HERE THE.Y ARE

Where -[hwar] 1. at what place; in what situation; - used interrogatively. 2. at which place: - used relatively. 3. to what or which place; whit her(with her); used interrogatively or relatively. [synonymous see whither].

With -nearness connection; intercourse

witch[wicce, wiglere, enchanter; witchcraft; allied to wig, holy.] 1. one given to the black art; a sorceress 2. a charming woman. CH.ARM(The Mission of RAM) "charm" "which"

wig - [abbreviation of periwig.] an artificial covering of hair for the head.

were - imp. ind. pl. & imp. subj. sing. & pl. of Be


whir[hweorfan, to turn] to whirl round with noise. a buzzing sound produced by rapid or whirling motion.

whether (pronoun) [hwadher] Which of two.[Antiquated] - conjunction. Used to introduce the first of two or more alternative clauses, the other or others being connected by OR, or by or whether.

whither[hwader, hwider] same as "where"

weather[weder, allied to Skr. wa to blow] the atmosphere with respect to its state as regards heat or cold wetness or dryness, clearness or cloudiness etc.