Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Nazi Dr. Joseph Mengele fabricated this Ophelia hell-flower "Boy from Brasil"


To better assist him Bell Canada's centralized phone-hacking is moving its "gate-in-water" (Watergate) to Gatineau's regional office in view of Montreal's forthcoming cataclysmic, induced superior flood - see "THE LOO AT THE SOO" or, Flushing New York's meadows.

Ma Bell Montreal, Quebec- 1050-80 Beaver Hall Hill, to
Ma Bell Ottawa, Ontario- 160 Elgin Street, Ottawa, to
Ma Bell Gatineau, Quebec- Promenade du Portage (Pap)

Bell Canada also now control Canada's press/media through their minority share in the Toronto Globe and Mail (the men-of-the- nit-elite Robe & Nail cruci-fiction ruse) as well as CTV, Canada's #2 television network.

As Step-Hens Harper's SAFETY MINISTER, the genetically engineered south-American Mennonite, Vic Toews, personally controls Canada's border guards, prison guards, courtroom guards, national police (RCMP), spies and spy watchers (CSIS and SIRC), not to mention immigration, citizenship and multi-culturalism indirectly. He is also currently secretly negotiating "open-sesame" border access with certain very privileged "GREY" Ogdensburg (American) cloisterers with Montreal, Quebec,"Franco-Canadian" mermaid roots at McGill University (see Ma Gill)

Glen E. P. Kealey\
Chairman/ Canadian Institute for Political Integrity (CIPI)

The above post by my husband Glen Kealey was inspired by the events of yesterday, September 20 and today September 21, 2011. Yesterday, a virus was yet again introduced into my computer, which among other things, shut down my printer and took it offline and also apparently corrupted my computer's "C Drive". As well, this morning at 1:30 AM, my phone line to my husband was cut off along with every other phone line in Canada that I called to indeed verify that it was not just my husband's phone line. I called Time Warner from this same line, which is where my phone, internet, and TV services are obtained through and told them about this problem. The technician told me he could see no problem with the line and would therefore have to refer it to their team that deals with specialized issues in the morning. He also needed to add ," This is not a conspiracy..."

NOTE to TIME WARNER: Since security/investigators for Canadian Institute for Political Integrity have provided us the information during the night that the parties listed above are the result of traces that pinpointed these addresses, and since I am still at this time unable to fax anything to any fax # in Canada as well (see Bell Canada Phone Hacking post), perhaps you can remedy these issues for me since an entity within another country/government is using YOUR system to do this. I am paying for these services, and am not receiving what I am paying for, if that works better for you. Or, are you allowing this to take place?

Subjects my husband and myself were talking about yesterday include the Belizean Grove Club, a club for women (WEEMIN) only, and the connection to the southern hemisphere VIA Belize where they meet at various places every year. In Belize there is a substantial Mennonite population, as well as Kriol(Creole) population. These subjects are linked to the "grey" area of the practice of Voudun/ Voodoo, and have as the commonalities, end times southern hemisphere survival and further development of the artificially introduced 2-in-1 A slave;Women(WEEMIN) A-top-the-Ladder, Mennonites, Quakers(responsible for earthquakes), and Canada's Public Safety Minister.

The above are commonalities for the reasons I have been kept out of Canada and from joining my husband by CBSA, kept from employment while here in Ogdensberg, why CBSA is using CIC Immigration to list and label me as having committed some type of criminal act in the United States to invalidate any attempt at filing for sponsorship with my husband, and instead attempt to place me under the auspices of Public Safety and the ministry of Justice. Why would Vic Toews want to be so involved in this? Could it be that he and I have crossed paths before; he in a position of power, me as an unwilling victim; inheriting all the fallout of grief, terror, and loss of freedom to live my life as I chose to? To develop a dissociative disorder, one must re-experience multiple traumas from early childhood on that are so shocking and horrific, that the only way to survive is to file them away where they are unavailable. That is, until, something, usually years later, nudges them toward the front of the memory.

My phone line was mysteriously reconnected at approximately 9 AM this morning, but my computer had to be sent to be repaired, not something I can really afford, since I have been kept from obtaining employment while here in Ogdensburg. Since the Belizean Grove WEEMIN include within their ranks those from government, banking, media, military,technology etc., and members include a Canadian senator as well as the chief operating officer for the Episcopal church, there is a "clear view" into who is doing this. For the same reason, my line of credit was not extended on my CHASE card because the top ranking woman (WEEMIN) of Goldman Sachs is a member of this club.

Again, all those who are attempting to stop CREATION'S plan for this universe will one day be brought before the sixth dimension international court of LAST RECOMBINATION. Your book of life will be viewed by all present. Nothing you have to say will excuse you, as the truth of what you experienced, said and did or did not do (which is recorded and stored by your own brain), will be viewed by all present. You will be asked 1) What did you know? 2) When did you know it? 3) What did you do about it?