Saturday, September 10, 2011

Reply to bRAnDOn


For your information and edification the control mechanisms over the people are run by it's perpetrators, i.e. #1) Ecclesiastics of ALL faiths #2) Military and their spies in ALL countries, and most important,#3) The Media Moguls who control journalism (i.e. politics and reporters) and their schools of journalism/politics around the world.

These four groups of perpetrators are but servants of the control mechanism imposed upon those of the surface of the earth. The top controllers reside within the Moho Discontinuity and upper mantel of the earth's core. It is intended to resemble an egg within an egg within an egg, or, as they put it, a cloister within a cloister within a cloister. The modern symbolism is the Trojan Horse.

It would appear that seekers of truth are spoon fed information by any of the aforementioned groups. Your information Brandon appears to come from "MEDIA", the least reliable of the four. Examples of their leadership are Conrad Black, Silvio Berlusconi, Michael Bloomberg, and Rupert Murdock. NONE of the above should be considered credible. They are the perpetrators behind the "RITUAL ABUSE" laboratory styled by Francis Bacon "The college of six days" (6,000 years).

As we speak, we are now at year 4,900, with 1,100 years remaining, 1,000 of which belongs to the Southern hemisphere alone. Following the year 3,100 and until the year 7,100, the earth we know will lie fallow and under the control of the only survivor, a computer called "Boaz" (Be Alpha to Omega and which then "jumpstarts" a new world order when the North Star Alder Amin departs from its North Star role).

Oxford-on-RADO (raft, as found in the name bRAnDOn)