Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Call me Ishmael, the seated gorilla who knows

Call me Ishmael, the seated gorilla who knows


Thanks to “Mere Cure”, the star above Venus, Ogdensburg’s Mother Superior is using all

of her corporate “Human Resources” Valkyries employed within the entire St. Lawrence

River basin, as well as Vic Toews’ reanimated coprolite, the Grey Mennonite Anabaptist

“pap-line”, to prepare New York state for its planned North American (Lake Superior in-

duced) “mess of pottage” NOVA.

Flushing New York down the loo from the Soo will return Ogdensburg, New York, (aka:

NEW TROY) to Canada, from which it was taken in 1867.

Vic Toews, the Manitoba Manitou of “Weemin” nurses under 30, who secretly runs the

Canadian cabinet shielded from the safety of his post as minister responsible for Canada’s extortion/enforcement ministry styled “Public Safety”, must be allowed to have his Border Action Plan “toute-suite”.

Mother Superior will see that millions of North Americans die on his thumbs down.

Once it happens, remember that you heard it here first (that is, if you are among the few survivors).

The Nordan Sculptor