Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dead Men Walking

Dead Men Walking


NOAH’S “Heel and Toes” (Toews) control Trappist Monk wayfarers, while elements of Feme9 Valkyrie pilgrims are being seated at CBSA’s RIGAUD sociopath training camp.

A Ukraine sleeper Voodoo serial rapist (Joseph Mengele’s NAZI boy – Brazil/Paraguay) controls all facets of Canada’s 2011 security apparatus (via a privileged CPR/ Mennonite, Manitoba conspiracy) from the safety of a thousand miles away, at Vaudreuil-de-Rigaud, Quebec.

One can now only sit and wait, and, go with the flow, until the Cistercian monks flush the great Mother Lake Superior cistern down to the Ontario/New York septic tank and field.

Abel’s “Carmelite Nova” is just around the corner.

The Nordan Sculptor

Glen E.P. Kealey, Chairman

Canadian Institute for Political Integrity

908 County Road 18, RR#1

Oxford on Rideau,

Oxford Mills, Ontario

Tel. (613) 258-2893 – Fax. (613) 258- 0015

Please Note:

This year being the 4900th (+) anniversary since NOAH’s ark, which is the symbol of post ice age Genetic Engineering and of the Third Kind humanoid slave, styled “Amen” during Egypt’s 18th dynasty, you must be aware that Frances Bacon suggested that the centenary leading to the year 5000 from the Ark (#5 in the College of Six Days) would mark the end of the Northern Hemisphere as we know it, thus leaving 1000 years remaining until much similar events end the Southern Hemisphere as well. Atlantis II will then control Nordan.

This is the terrible FATE which your genetic engineer “CREATOR” has planned for you.

I have been asked to build a symbolic “Raft” to symbolically replace the “C raft” of secret societies. It is symbolic of Escape Goats, in lieu of Scapegoats, “going with the flow”. Next year, we will go “Aft”, back on the 908 property, to the farm’s back meadows, to find and unearth the footsteps of your Creator God’s “Ft” (or feet), located at the Canadian Shield down 1000 feet below the present ground level.

Both sent by CREATION to warn you of this coming calamity I am the “GATEKEEPER” located at the RADO HUB and my darling Jennifer has been designated “FIREKEEPER” of this dastardly discovery, currently waiting to be induced by your Creator God. This is also why my wife is being held, unemployed and for CBSA monetary ransom, by the Grey Nuns and the Canadian government minister (Vic Toews), at Ogdensburg, New York.