Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Canada’s “Wal She Vic” Revolution

Canada’s “Wal She Vic” Revolution
Vic Toews is Canada’s Lenin

One of the Majority versus all Those of the Minority

A Wal–she–Vic is a “privileged member” of the German
far–right within the Conservative Party of Canada,
who, as #2, currently leads the party in a manner
much like the Bolsheviks, led by Lenin, took over
Russia in 1917. There, the Bolsheviks had won a tem-
porary majority on the Socialist party’s CC-central
committee- just as Ma Bell now has on the Toronto
Globe & Mail, via the Thomson’s editorial board. Ma
Bell also fronts for the “anonymous” Grey Nuns and
their genetically engineered cloister-babies; their
grown-up “Viking foundlings”, known to some in the
public as the Valkyries.

The Bolsheviks were part of the March 1917 Russian

Revolution until they took-over sole control of the
party in October (some say) November 7th of the same
year. Their main method of obtaining cash money was
theft, through false tax revenue collections or by
stealing owed benefits from their powerless politi-
cal opponents (robbery), and by other bribes and 5%
kickback schemes on government contracts and social
benefits. See the CCRA’s “Kealey Payback” scheme.


A Canadian Dictatorship is “just around the corner”.


See: Glen and Jennifer Kealey