Thursday, March 8, 2012



Prior to the last election I received a series of phone calls from people claiming to be with the Conservative Party of Canada. These calls followed on the heels of a written request on personal information by Elections Canada which was in turn faxed back to them. The calls from the Conservative Party numbered approximately three; the first two of which were not answered. The third call was answered. It was from a woman who claimed to be calling on behalf of the Conservative Party of Canada who asked me how I intended to act publicly during the period of the election. I am the chairman and national president of the Canadian Institute for Political Integrity. The call was received at a time when my wife, Jennifer, was being denied entry as a visitor to Canada and at the same time, as I had applied with her for sponsorship as wife and caregiver into Canada. I responded to the question in amazement that they, the Conservative Party, would in fact know any of the details of my wife’s exclusion and seclusion to Ogdensburg, New York. My wife had previously resigned her position as Director of Nursing of an Alzheimer’s care institution. (5 star rating) in California, and was hoping to take up her career in Canada. Previously I had made a call to my local MP’s office in Brockville, where the woman who answered had ridiculed the possibility that my wife would be excluded from Canada for any purpose linked to the political system. As I explained the facts to her, her only response was the word “wonderful” repeated over and over again. Her only interest seemed to be wanting to send me brochures or pamphlets on how well the Conservative Party deals with senior citizens (as in my case). I told the caller from the Conservative Party that how I would act toward them during the election period would depend solely on how they acted towards my wife’s dilemma. The caller seemed satisfied with my response. The follow-up however, came from Citizenship and Immigration Canada, who over the next year returned my application for sponsorship four times without opening a file and by stealing the $550.00 deposit.

PS- My wife is still in Ogdensburg (20 months later) and has been notified by border security that without a minimum of $15,000.00 in her possession, she will not be admitted to Canada, even as a simple weekend visitor to her husband. It is also important to note that my wife has had personal contact in California with Public Safety minister Vic Toews in the past; personal contact which included multiple rapes by him, among other things.

Glen E. P. Kealey

Message received

Thank you. We acknowledge receipt of your message. The Office of the Commissioner of Canada Elections may contact you in regards to the information you have submitted should it require further details or clarification. Please be assured that the Chief Electoral Officer of Canada will provide a report to Parliament in due course in regards to this matter.