Monday, June 11, 2012


This Case Report (see below) was prepared by the therapist that I had been in treatment with at the time stated on the report. It was an attempt on my part for some monetary compensation from the state of California Victims Compensation and Government Claims Board (CalVCP) for the crimes perpetrated against me as a child, teenager and adult. At the time I was subsisting on $659.00/month.

CalVCP chose not to compensate me, stating there was no proof. They did not want the names of the California politicians or corporate businessmen involved; nor did they want to know how far up the ladder it went or where these activities took place.

 I left nursing from 1990 to 1999 to fully deal with the consequences these lifelong abuses/perpetrations and the ensuing harassment I endured on an almost daily basis. In the eyes of the state of California and the United States federal government I was officially “disabled” under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Of course, the corporations in Ogdensburg, New York to whom I have sent numerous applications for employment for open nursing positions for which I was well qualified and who have denied me employment since August 2010 are well aware of this, as well as the fact that this denial of employment is illegal under the Americans With Disabilities Act.

I had filed a police report in 1989 with the Anaheim Police, who told me the California statute of limitations prevented them from prosecuting any of my childhood perpetrators.

 I filed a police report with Van Nuys, California police, whose investigator told me he did not believe me.

 I filed a police report with L.A. Sheriffs in 1990 after I was violently assaulted at work and death threats were made against my life by a patient who was linked by her own admission to the Council of Thirteen in southern California.

 I had sought and received help from 2 women who worked with the Adam Walsh Center until they were pressured to stop investigating and helping victims of ritualistic abuse. Detective Al Valdez (currently an internationally recognized expert in gangs and their activities, and professor at University of Irvine in southern California), who was unofficially working with one of the Adam Walsh staff on this matter, was pressured by the police department he was with to stop investigating.

The truth is the system is more interested in protecting the criminals a.k.a.  perpetrators of their pre-Ice Age Voodoo Ecclesiastic Rituals as well as the fact that these rituals are taking place and are as well a front for activities used to collect DNA for the never-ending research on memory required by artificial insemination projects than they are in admitting that their system has and is supporting and condones the criminal actions of their political and corporate leaders who attend and participate in rituals in which people of all ages are sexually assaulted, raped, sodomized, murdered and cannibalized, all for the pleasure and blood lust of the perpetrators in charge of and running these rituals.

If I am alive today it is not due to the help I received, or rather did not receive from the silent acquiescence among the religious and political elite. More likely it is because CREATION has another mission for me as I am about to become a citizen with a mission living among the walking dead.

Mrs. Jennifer Ann Kealey
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