Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Stinkin’ Thinkin’

When I went to cross the border into Canada on Friday, June 8, 2012, I was questioned by the CBSA immigration officer as to the reason I was coming into Canada, to which I replied that I wanted to see my husband. I was asked when the last time was that I had seen him and replied June 22, 2010, the day after we were married. I was asked how long we had known one another, to which I replied since 2004. I was asked how it was we met, to which I replied that my husband used to have a website, and that I had begun to call him on the phone from 2004 on. I was asked why 2 years had passed since the last time I had seen him, which I found to be irrelevant because I am sure the CBSA officer knew why, but I told him anyway; that his boss Vic Toews was responsible for the illegal and doctored exclusion order served to me because of the crimes he has committed against me in the past, and that he has reason to keep me out of Canada because I can identify him as the criminal that he is.

The CBSA immigration officer had begun to say that I had tried to enter Canada illegally 2 years previously, however I interrupted him and told him that this is certainly not the way to begin a relationship with the country in which my husband lives. I will not permit the CBSA’s lies that I had the intent to enter Canada to live there permanently and which they continue to assert. In fact, when I made an earlier visit in May 2010, I visited a neighbor of my husband, Danielle Emond, who works as a policy executive at the Canadian Federal Department of Health headquarters in Ottawa, bringing up the subject of my intent to marry and immigrate to Canada. She stated she had access to and would bring me the application forms; one set of paperwork was for application outside of Canada, the other for from within the country. Those documents were at my husband’s, waiting for my arrival so that we could discuss the best route for me to take; we were given to understand that should I apply from outside of Canada the process would take 6 months as opposed to a year from within Canada. My husband still has those documents on hand at our home. My husband had discussed with me moving to Ogdensburg, New York and obtaining a job during this process and making trips across the border before I left my home in southern California. However, everything was derailed when I was denied entry at Emerson POE and my husband directed me to go to Ogdensburg, New York and find a place to live.

The illegal doctored exclusion order stated I should deal with the minister of Immigration, not Public Safety, and therefore both my husband and myself wasted months dealing with CIC Immigration; meanwhile this situation had been taken over by Public Safety and we were never informed that Public Safety was handling this by CIC Immigration until late Fall 2010. We had filled out the sponsorship forms in August 2010 to begin the sponsorship process, and all paperwork was sent back over the next 11 months a total of 4 times along with CIC Immigration’s official stance that there was no file, even though they had given us a file number and acknowledged receipt of the $550.00 they had been paid by us, a fee that they have kept. I was finally sent a letter in the first week of February 2011 signed by Vic Toews informing me that I had never “exercised” my option to challenge the exclusion order within the first 15 days of being served, to which I replied in a letter that I had no way of knowing this was actually an option, as nowhere does it state there is such an option and I had no way to reply to it anyway, as I travelled from North Dakota to Ogdensburg across the country by car and then had to establish myself and begin legal paperwork necessary to establish myself in New York, which took longer than 15 days.

 Vic Toews’ comments in his letters sent to me and to New York Congressman Bill Owens, whom I asked to look into this on my behalf in February 2011 seemed to indicate Toews had a lack of awareness of the actual documents in question, which suggested he was not the author of the letters, but that they were prepared by the perpetrators and given his signature.

The CBSA immigration officer at Prescott POE stapled a document into my passport while telling me that he felt to his satisfaction  I had attempted to satisfy the requirements established by CBSA officer #16182 on July 22, 2011 as to my residency in the state of New York, and therefore at this time on June 8, 2012 he emphasized to me several times that he was doing me “a favor” by allowing me this visit, BUT the next CBSA Immigration officer “may not let you in based upon what you have shown me today…next time we need to be provided a statement of what amount of money you have in any bank accounts…” I pointed out to him that the letter I had brought with me “signed” by Vic Toews does not indicate anything other than that I provide proof of financial support. It does not state that I need to show CBSA my bank account statements. He glossed over this observation. This officer then continued to emphasize to me numerous times that the document I was given needed to be turned back over to the CBSA before I returned to the US border and on the date of June 11th, the date on which I told him I needed to return, “Otherwise you will be considered in violation by the government of Canada…”. I have been given to understand that the US and Canadian borders now share information of when someone enters and leaves the respective countries, so obviously this document was given for another reason. The CBSA officer also emphasized numerous times to me that “You can return to the US by any other POE of your choosing”, in spite of the printed statement on the document given to me that states, “MUST FURNISH PROOF OF COMPLIANCE ON JUNE 11, 2012 AT PRESCOTT” I think that had I done as was being suggested to me then I would have been arrested and the RIGAUD-SEATED
(SOCIOPATHIC) CBSA officer’s statement that he never said this would have been accepted by the Canadian government as “the truth”

I did not get a chance to really review this document until I got to my husband’s home. At that point, when I looked at this document, I realized that they had not documented me as entering Canada as Jennifer Ann Kealey, which in every respect has been my LEGAL name for almost 2 years. Instead, I was listed as Jennifer Ann Nagel, which is my birth name. Why was this? Was it part of a plan to kidnap me while I was in Canada? A plan that would never admit the missing person in question was Mrs. Jennifer Ann Kealey? I guess we will never know for certain.

When I made my return trip across the border, I stopped first at Prescott POE to return the document given me. When I handed my passport to the CBSA officer, he immediately asked me “Where is the yellow paper you were given?” When I replied that I was not given a “yellow paper”, only this document, he and the female CBSA officer looked at each other with puzzled expressions. It was quite obvious that this was a situation they were unfamiliar with. I asked them if everyone gets a yellow piece of paper, and their reply was that usually in the case of someone given a specific time to return to the border before leaving Canada this was the case, and as well, they had never seen this type of document. I then asked them why this document was printed with my birth name instead of my legal name, to which they replied that I would have to ask the immigration officer, so I took a seat and waited.

 After a few minutes I was called up to the desk by a female CBSA uniformed woman, who stated to me that she understood I had questions. I asked her why my name on this document was typed as “Nagel” instead of “Kealey”, which is my legal name. She asked me if I had shown any proof of my legal name besides my passport. I showed her my New York state enhanced driver’s license and told her that I had shown this as well. She stated to me that on their records as well as by turning the actual monitor screen toward me so that I could see it, that according to their records, I was listed as Jennifer Ann Nagel, and that it was up to me to correct their information if I saw it.

 Since this document had been flashed in front of my face upon entry June 8, 2012 and then quickly folded and stapled into my passport, I had no time to look; nor does my mind think on the level of RIGAUD-SEATED (read SOCIOPATHIC) CBSA border officers. She further stated to me that I had had the chance to do this the previous 2 times at the border, to which I replied that I had provided my marriage certificate both times, and my New York state enhanced driver’s license as well at the July 22, 2011 episode. I told her that as far as I was concerned this had more to do with the crimes committed against me by her boss Vic Toews in the past and that he had every reason to keep me out of Canada. She curtly interrupted me, stating, “I don’t know anything about this; nor do I want to. You will have to take it elsewhere. Are you leaving now?” I replied I was and left.

What, I wonder at this point is if there is anyone in the CBSA, CIC Immigration and the Canadian government who simply tells the truth.

Is there anyone in the Canadian government who cares that this is the reality of how their government is run and further, that this is the type of presentation Canada makes to the world?

Will we ever find a “public servant” in Canada that still believes in transparency of word and deed, respect, and sensitivity?

When I got to the US border, I showed the American border guard my passport. He asked me “Are you on your way into Canada or have you been there already?” Why is it that the Americans did not have this information? My guess is because since my legal name is Kealey, not Nagel, it would not show up on their computer screens. I guess if I had simply “disappeared” while in Canada, it would be denied that I had ever been there, and I would be listed as a missing person with no proof of where I went missing from.

 So much for shared information between Canadian and American border ports of entry.

I had made copies of this document given to me before turning it in and now provide a copy for the purpose of this post along with a copy of my legal passport for comparison.

Thus ended my first weekend trip to visit my husband in Canada since June 2010.

I expect to return to Canada for another visit with my husband at the end of this month.

Mrs. Jennifer Ann Kealey

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