Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Police Malpractice Leads to OPP Kidnapping

Date: March 2, 2016 at 12:56:09 PM PST
To: "Warren, George (OPP)"
Subject: Re: your OIPRD complaint

 Detective Sergeant Warren,

This is my reply to your email; I have issues with regard to this "investigation" being given back to the OPP to investigate by the OIPRD.

Firstly, the battery and kidnapping of myself by trespassers who had no arrest warrant is a problem.

 Second, is classification of these criminal acts as "less serious in nature" by the OIPRD so that this "investigation" was turned over to the organization that not only employs my perpetrators, but protects them and is pressing to have me speak to an investigator who should by all rights recuse himself from this case on grounds of undue influence and the fact that  the OPP cannot remain as a neutral party in this matter due to the history of facts of which they are well acquainted, and which they have done nothing but cover-up for years in regard to my husband, Glen Kealey's allegations beginning with the Kanata OPP detachment.

My being given the condition that this trespassing, battery, and kidnapping will not be investigated unless I submit to interrogation by the same organization who employs the criminals who did this to me is comparable to the Catholic Church's investigating their own perpetrators; nothing was done but a cover-up. This is, after all, the only purpose of an investigation done from within the offending organization.

I should not have to submit to a"investigation" that is being directed to invalidate and hide these crimes. I did not care for the manner in which I was initially spoken to; it has set the scene for what I can expect from whoever is running this so-called investigation and comes from a mindset that has already decided that what I have to say should not be validated in any way, but that anything I say should be minimized and denied, and the report will be round-filed by the OPP and the OIPRD. It will be covered up.

I was subjected to emotional trauma as a result of the event itself as well as the resulting illegal events following because of the actions of the OPP; so I filed a complaint with the OIPRD in order for an INDEPENDENT party to investigate, not for this to be turned back over to the OPP, who will not remain neutral in this matter, given their history.

Perhaps the OIPRD, an allegedly independent civilian board that investigates complaints made against the police is not so independent after all. I wonder who is directing them.

If you and any other parties within the OPP want a proper TRUTHFUL investigation done, one that requires my physical presence in which you and I have face-to-face contact and in which you can properly and fully assess my responses and in which I can as well assess your intent and actions, then and only then will I be prepared and able to answer any questions you may have about :

1-my kidnapping
2-my rape by Vic Toews, your former solicitor general
3-the murder of Tom Byberg, your OPP informant at the Kemptville District Hospital

A face-to-face interview of myself requires that I am legally and permanently returned to my home at 908 County Road 18 in Oxford Mills, Ontario where I was LEGALLY residing with my Canadian husband prior to my kidnapping by the OPP August 21, 2015.

I am making it clear to you, Sergeant Warren et al,that nobody tells me what to say or do. I will not be intimidated into supporting presumptions made about me that are not true (that I am being directed as to what I tell you) by the OPP and whoever is directing this "investigation".

Since I have been told by you that not wanting to submit and allow you to tape a statement about what happened to me will be classified as being uncooperative and will result in this complaint being dismissed, then I suggest that this statement by you to me is the result of a think-tank, and therefore I am left with the only alternative available to me, which is to post both your email to me and my reply on the net. Let whoever reads this along with all the accrued information there be the judge of the OPP's real intent.

Mrs. Jennifer Kealey

PS: Maybe you'd like to ask me about Bob Rae's involvement in bringing me to Canada  and denying my husband Glen his day in court, both in 1991.

On Mar 2, 2016, at 11:14 AM, Warren, George (OPP) wrote:

Good Afternoon Jennifer,

I spoke with Glen this morning and he advised that, unless certain conditions were met [i.e. you being escorted back to Canada after receiving non-revocable permanent landed immigrant status], that you would be declining to provide a statement.  As I told you, my preference is take a statement from you but, however, it is certainly your option as to whether or not you provide one.  I would appreciate it if you would call me on my cell 613-281-2194 or respond to this e-mail, advising of your intention.

Thank You,

Detective Sergeant # 13884
Investigations – East Region
Professional Standards Bureau

(613) 281-2194 - Cell