Friday, March 4, 2016


HYDRO ONE'S corporate name should be replaced by a name that more closely resembles their function towards the resident citizens of the Province of Ontario, intended to shorten the life span of its people, farm animals, home appliances, and vehicles. I therefore suggest that their name be changed to "THE ONTARIO MARINATORS". This proper name taken from the surname of it's former ombudsman, Andre Marin, coincides better with the delays encountered by it's customers when they complain about the over-charging of their electromagnetic devices which function only to break down the people of Ontario by shortening and reducing the quality of their lives.

Glen Kealey


Hydro One bill statement FEB. 29, 2016:--- $14,230.64
Collection notice JAN. 8, 2016:---$11,307.64 ( Nov. 2015 stmt of what Hydro claims owed)
Hydro One bill statement DEC. 29, 2015:---$12,737.07

$14,230.64 - $12,737.07 = $1,493.57 owed and generated in a 60 day period by one person who has a room heater in the bedroom that is only turned on prior to bedtime and is turned off before going to sleep and upon waking for a short time, because taking care of the animals begins early.

One room heater for the pipes when temperature is below freezing only.

Uses a microwave oven and toaster oven to prepare meals and a coffee maker that is run daily at 4 am only.

Clothes drier run at 4 am in the mornings on 220 circuit when it is below -15 degrees Celsius (no other means to heat the house). Also uses this time to dry clothes in the drier; clothes are washed in the bathtub in whatever water is left from a shower, which is taken only 2 times per week.
Electromagnetic power surges broke the brand new donated washer in June 2014.

One sump pump is run whenever the amount of water under the house builds up, which is happening in the middle of freezing winter weather because the water building up is below 4 feet, which is not affected by winter weather surface temperatures.

The second pump is on another circuit (bill) which Ms. D'Agostino included in Hydro's statement over the phone of the house bill to me as part of the amount owed by us. After all, Hydro must try to account for the amount they are saying is owed them since the phone call was recorded, and lies work when it comes to needing to cover up the truth.

There are very few lights to turn on in the house, and none are left on in any room upon leaving the room.

No internet, no TV. The Hydro One power surges broke the big screen TV that our tenet, Tom Byberg used to watch and used a room heater in the living room and his bedroom. That TV ceased to function in the summer of 2014 and Tom was murdered Feb. 18, 2015, so those items have not been in use before and since that time.

I used to prepare meals for my husband (and Tom when he was alive) and I took showers daily. Since my kidnapping by the OPP on AUG. 21, 2015, that is not an expenditure that can be counted in a monthly bill sent by Hydro One.

So how does this generate a monthly bill of approximately $746.785 (average) OR $1,493.57 from Dec. 29, 2015 to Feb. 29, 2016? And this is just an example.

Since Hydro One bureaucrats are being allowed to continue their criminal operations of threats, extortion, and mail fraud against us, I will start posting monthly "statements" they are sending, because I believe they should be transparent and accountable for what they are doing, and at some point, someone seeing all of this will initiate a criminal investigation of the activities within Hydro One/Ontario Hydro.

Mrs. Jennifer Kealey