Thursday, September 12, 2019


Begin forwarded message:
Ms. Smith;

Exactly when were you going to implement assistance for Glen? Don’t you think you need to let him know what is going on? Or maybe you don’t see the seniors you are supposed to be providing assistance to as equals.
Were you planning on letting him know anything at all about where this process is at?
Or have you decided to not help and not communicate this to him?
Agencies dealing with a population of seniors need to be good communicators and need to have empathy, as these attributes are the cornerstone of working with the elderly.
You are supposed to be providing services to a very vulnerable segment of the population who are dependent upon some assistance to survive while living in their homes.
You have stated to Glen that he is not to talk about his situation to any person that may (dependent upon anyone actually showing up) assist him to town and back home. You have refused to tell him the name of the person who was with you that day, the retired 72 year old Parliament Hill policeman who is the son-in-law of Lynn Coulter, who laid charges of corruption and taking 5% kickbacks from anyone in the construction field in Canada was required to pay into Brian Mulroney’s fund for their projects to move forward and include his cabinet, Roch LaSalle, and RCMP official Norman Inkster based on Glen’s investigation. After Glen presented his findings which were supported by a list of witnesses testimonies, warrants were issued by Lynn Coulter for a section 501 hearing held in the courthouse in Ottawa in June 1991 and after which charges were laid for appearances in court in September 1991.
Glen literally has the right to know who he is getting in a car with since he is placing his safety and life in their hands while with them.
You cannot tell my husband not to talk about what is on his mind ( and with good reason on his part)and you are also basically telling me, Glen’s wife, to butt out, which is unprofessional and unethical. What you have told me has nothing to do with privacy, it is about secrets and control- of vulnerable seniors. 
Is this the way you deal with seniors in your care?
In view of the email you sent me since you are laying out your “rules”, I am going to lay out my expectations as well so that we are both on the same page. I am the legal wife of Glen Kealey. I was a caregiver to him as well as to his boarder Tom Byberg while I was in Canada.
Because of what happened to Tom, and since you and your services are associated with KDH, I have some grave concerns with the health system of the area that Glen lives in; at the hub is the Kemptville District Hospital and the Ontario Provincial Police.
Tom Byberg lived with Glen as a boarder since 1998 when they were in Olds, Alberta. They both moved to the farm in September of 2000. Tom went to atty. Paul Jansen in Kemptville October 6, 2011 and had Glen made him power of attorney for healthcare decisions and financial issues should the need ever arise. Glen never made financial decisions for Tom as there was no need. Before Tom’s death he admitted to Glen he was an informant for the O.P.P. and regularly faked being ill in order to make ER visits to the emergency room at Kemptville District Hospital per arrangement of the O.P.P. so that he could report on Glen to them. After I came to stay in January of 2013, Tom decided he had to be more dramatic in his complaints of pain because I questioned his reasons for wanting Glen to take him to the ER for upset stomachs and chest pain etc. which made it more difficult to get to the ER to file his reports with the O.P.P.
After I arrived Glen and I made a visit to attorney Paul Jansen because my legal status required that that I file entry documentation signed by an attorney for the IRB. While we were there we were told on our way out to “mind our own business...” from the same attorney who signed the paperwork making Glen Tom’s legal guardian and who also sat on the Kemptville District Hospital Board of Directors and who later told Glen after Tom’s “death” aka, murder that Glen stopped being recognized as having anything at all involving Tom at that point. Makes it easier to cover things up........
Tom began to fake falls after I came to live there and a few times unintentionally injured himself with resulting contusions and abrasions. I took his vital signs and 02 sat and made sure they were alright, but with any subjective statements of not feeling well and/or fall to be safe he was driven to the hospital. One time he insisted that he was having a heart attack so an ambulance had to be called and later he had to be picked up; no sign of a heart attack. He began to insist he had shortness of breath and when I used the pulse oximeter it did not show that. His MD had a home visiting supplier of oxygen tanks and equipment come out to the house but they decided they could not service him because of the wood burning stove in the living room.
In November 2014 Tom’s doctor placed him on an extremely high dose of Prednisone, knowing full well that this would cause symptoms of mania and delusions for him as he had told her this is what it had done to him in the past. He was kept on it for a few months and then it was reduced dramatically and stopped in January 2015. The abrupt discontinuation of the Prednisone caused Tom to have weakness, fatigue, nausea, anorexia with weight loss and mood swings. One would think that his MD would know better.
February 18, 2015 we were all at The Kemptville Walmart for grocery shopping and Tom arranged a fall in front of the cameras at the entrance front of the store. It just so happened that the store manager was close by and responded to his fall. Glen witnessed the fall, pulled him to the side and asked them to call an ambulance. I was elsewhere in the store and so was not present to see the fall. A neighbor who had driven us into town took Glen to the ER of Kemptville District Hospital where Tom had been taken.
When Glen got there he was shown to the area where Tom had been put on a guerney, with his clothes folded underneath the guerney and he had on a hospital gown and an IV in his arm. A nurse came in and asked him, “How did you like that Prednisone?” He answered,”Not as much as some of the other stuff I’ve had...”
Tom asked Glen to give him his lottery ticket so that he could sign it. 
In other words, Tom was in no apparent distress, no difficulty breathing, no pain, had no change in level of consciousness, was oriented to self, place, time of day, and to the situation, and spoke clearly and coherently.
Glen was seated at the foot the guerney; a person that to Glen appeared to be of southeastern Asian descent approached and stated to him,” My name is ________________; it’s not my real name.....I’m an immigrant but my real name is too hard to pronounce..... She looked at Tom then at Glen and asked him,” I understand you are Tom’s guardian?” Glen replied Yes; she then asked him “What do you think about DNR?” Glen was shocked and answered back” What do you mean not resuscitate?....Look at him, all he needs is feeding; he did not eat this morning!”
This Dr. did not state anything more and just left the room.
Glen told Tom he was going to leave to go home to feed the animals and told him good-bye, to which Tom also said good-bye to Glen.
Glen called the neighbor who came and picked him up and gave him a ride home.
At home later a few hours later, Glen received a call from the ER telling him Tom had died. Glen stated “How can that be, when I left he was fine!” The answer to Glen was, “ Well, he’s dead!” No tact, diplomacy, courtesy or empathy.
Glen went to the hospital the next morning and had to wait awhile before the woman who had called him the evening before could see him. Glen asked her, “How do I know he is really dead?” 
At Glen’s insistence he was finally taken in to the room where Tom’s body was lying on a guerney and the way in which Tom had been left was shocking to Glen; his head was hanging down over the end of the guerney with his mouth wide open; his feet where hanging off the other end of the guerney. His feet had socks on them, however they were not the socks he had put on the day before, followed by the pair he had layered over them. Someone had put the outer pair of colored socks on his feet. At that point the woman with Glen looked under the sheet that covered him from the neck to the lower legs, lifting the sheet and looked under it, commenting, “I wonder why they did that to him?” and refused to let Glen, see what she was talking about. Glen signed for and took Tom’s things home including the other pair of socks that Tom had worn next to his skin.
Glen told Kemptville District Hospital that he wanted a copy of the death certificate and was told he was not entitled to know and that only the family, who Tom had had nothing to do with for the last 15 plus years would get a death certificate.
Glen told the hospital he wanted an autopsy done to determine the cause of death. He was notified the body would be taken to Ottawa for an autopsy and the next day was told the coroner would be coming there to do an autopsy.
The coroner especially chosen was a Dr. Bob Reddoch, whose practice and area of expertise involved circumcisions.
Soon after the “autopsy”, Dr. Reddoch called Glen about his findings; Glen handed the phone to me so that I could ask any questions. He began to read the nursing notes ( legal documents) entered about Tom’s last hour. He stated that CPR lasted for 4 minutes. I exclaimed “ 4 minutes?....only 4 minutes....who does CPR for only 4 minutes and stops?.......”
Who does CPR for 4 minutes only, unless they already KNOW that this person cannot be revived under any circumstances......
It was soon after this that the Cell let us know that one of their members had been present in the room with Tom’s body since the time that Glen was shown Tom’s body and had stayed there and was present until after his “autopsy” was done.
The Cell also let us know that Kemptville District Hospital keeps a locked box on their premises in which are kept vials of a deadly toxin that is used at their discretion.
As far as I am concerned that toxin was introduced into his IV line and killed him. Why would anyone bother with CPR other then to have it on record that they tried? Obviously Dr. Reddoch blundered by reading the notes to me.
A few months later I was cleaning out Tom’s drawers in his room and found evidence that supported that Tom had been blackmailed by the Ontario Provincial Police into becoming their informant.
I am told that my illegal kidnapping of which the OPP implemented had to do with Tom’s murder at Kemptville District Hospital and the fact that I had connected the dots. I did put up a cryptic poem on our mailbox about the “tox-in-box” and the matter of Sox (socks left on his feet as an identifier after death) which the OPP read and took a photo of. Of course this implicates the OPP in Tom’s Murder as well as my assault, battery and kidnapping from our property without a warrant or a judges order, holding me hostage and handing me over to the CBSA August 21, 2015 along with their participation in coming to our property with HydroOne to disconnect the electricity in April 2017, the Davey Tree people, the OSPCA who killed our sheep Bobby who was a lame but otherwise healthy sheep, and who have continually trolled up and down the road the whole time I was there as well as stalking us in town, who tried to set me up in the laundromat in town and knew ahead of time that my car would roll backwards on a flat surface and run into another car in the library parking lot in Kemptville.
The Cell let us know that the 2 cops involved in my kidnapping were no longer in the Kemptville OPP detachment in 2016.
I am telling you all of this Ms. Smith because if anything happens to Glen, you and all others involved will be held accountable by CREATION’S Pineal Court. You will be held accountable if you do not help Glen and if any action or lack there of causes him harm or causes his death and will be called to CREATION’s Court one day and will see those members of the Cell present their evidence against you.
What will you do?
What will any of you do?

Mrs. Jennifer Ann Kealey
September 12, 2019
FORE (to all of you)years ago on September 12, 2015 I was again thrown out on the road in New York at 12:20am at Lansdowne POE after the Crown dismissed all charges in the Brockville court kangaroo trial and the Brockville Police drove me to Landsdowne POE on 9-11-15.
Walked back across the border at daylight on 9-12-15, was reprocessed and driven to the RCMP facility in Cornwall and held overnight, the next day charges were again laid against me at the Cornwall police department via teleconference, and I was returned to Ottawa Correctional Detention Center in Ottawa.
Conspiracy to commit murder and murder continues to be the bureaucrats’ intent and plan and so that you know, you are all being watched by CREATION. Charges have and will continue to be laid, as well as years added to the current sentences already imposed by the court against you and your family members pending your actions or lack thereof. 

Mrs. Jennifer Ann Kealey
Exiled to the US by the criminals who really run Canada and who believe they have the power to decide who will live and who will die
CREATION says your time left is short