Wednesday, September 4, 2019




From: Jennifer Kealey
Date: February 8, 2016 at 1:57:35 PM PST

Attention to: Fiona Crean 
               Cc: Board of Directors
                      Debra D'Agostino

.....The cure that would resolve the questions at 908 County Road 18 must include:

1- The delivery of a winterized motor home to the site and its installation of plumbing and electricity, so that the only remaining occupant, Glen Kealey, could at least sleep away from the magnetic cloud induced there that rises from the foundation and settles room by room inside the house.

2- A team of independent geologists equipped with professional magnetometers should be hired to investigate the 34.2 acres of the site beginning with the house. A contract lasting one year and involving the monitoring of the farm in each of the four seasons of the following year for at least one week per season of monitoring and three weeks of analysis needs to be in effect.

3- All regular techs employed by Hydro One in the area of the farm should be banned in writing from approaching the farm, even by building a high fence around the property should this become necessary.

4- Their reports should be submitted to both Glen and Jennifer Kealey separately, a copy of which will be deposited with the PINEAL Court for future action.

5- Another copy must be submitted to Hydro One's newly hired "insider" biased Ombudsman, which she in turn will submit to each and every member of the Board of Directors. Her analysis of the reports should then be forwarded to Glen and Jennifer Kealey independently, a copy of which will be forwarded to the PINEAL Court for comparison with the unedited report filed by the former Ombudsman of Ontario, Andre Marin, and the documentation of the PINEAL Court's own investigative results gathered by their investigators over the past two years.

6- With all the reports being completed and filed with the PINEAL Court, an apology made to the Kealeys should follow, as per the report of Andre Marin.

7- As soon as possible, preferably immediately, a sum of $150,000.00 Canadian should be paid to the Kealeys by Hydro One for the demolition of the existing structure and $350,000.00 paid to the Kealeys for rebuilding the house. Additionally, the sum of $13,478.19 as of January 29, 2016 should be credited off their Hydro One account, thereby bringing the balance to nil. These three sums of money must be paid sooner rather than later if Hydro One is not to be charged with the crimes inflicted on Glen Kealey by their experiments or added to the indictments made against Hydro One by the killing of Tom Byberg (the tenant) and the kidnapping of Jennifer Kealey (the wife).

       Glen and Jennifer Kealey

Conditions required by CREATION

from the following entities, ie, bureaucrats, agencies et al: CBSA, CRA, IRB, Ontario Provincial Police, Legal Aid Ontario, Immigration Canada, Justice Canada, Corrections Canada, The City of Brockville and Brockville Police, Public Safety Canada;

Process my Immigration paperwork that you have had since it was filed and receipt received via RBC Bank October 1, 2010

Immediate landed immigrant status of myself 

Pay and arrange for my return to Canada along with my cats, car, furniture, and household items to 908 County Road 18, Oxford Mills, Ontario K0G 1S0 to my husband Glen Kealey

OPP to facilitate my return to my husband

Prosecution of all bureaucrats and CBSA involved in illegal activities and crimes committed against my husband and myself.

Negotiations by the Canadian Government for financial renumeration of damages incurred by my husband and myself as well as damages for inflicting emotional distress.

These conditions are not negotiable; they are required.

Glen and Jennifer Ann Kealey
September 4, 2019