Wednesday, June 6, 2007

3rd Debate Rigged but Ron Paul Still Wins

Texas Congressman put in shadows while establishment shills lavished with time and attention, yet Paul still wins post-debate polls

Prison Planet | June 6, 2007
Paul Joseph Watson

Viewers of last night's Republican presidential debate again came away with the distinct impression that the corporate media, in this case CNN, had again deliberately limited Ron Paul's speaking time while affording lavish attention to establishment candidates like Giuliani and McCain.

Watch Ron Paul in action last night in this You Tube highlights package.

We invited members of our Prison forum to comment live on the debate as it unfolded and the consensus was that the Texas Congressman was deliberately sidelined;

"This is awful! Rudy, Romney and McCain are getting most of the time. Over half of the time so far has easily gone to them. I am going to need to go back and time this thing. I'm sure that there will be complaints if this continues."

"Once again Ron Paul has been cheated."

"The 'mainstream' candidates are getting most of the airtime. It feels like a setup."

"Every aspect of that debate was outrageous! They ended with some demagogue rhetoric from McCain and went straight back to him! And now Giuliani! Why do people buy their lies!"
A You Tube blogger held similar sentiments, pointing out that host Wolf Blitzer failed to even give Ron Paul an opportunity to answer a question about health care, when he was the only doctor on the stage. In addition, candidates like Giuliani and McCain had already spoken on two separate occasions before the Texas Congressman had even spoken once.

In another example of censorship , CNN asked people to comment on the debate at their website, but when the comments that came in were overwhelmingly pro-Ron Paul, CNN simply removed them and replaced them with comments about Sunday night's democratic debate.

Despite all these attempts to once again sideline Ron Paul and derail the momentum of his campaign, the "champion of the Constitution" is still leading all the post-debate polls.

The CNN poll shows Ron Paul leading in every positive category, save "snappiest dresser", which hardly matters. CNN's establishment hacks don't even mention Ron Paul, but the popular vote shows him leading the way. shows Ron Paul trouncing his nearest contenders, leading the way with a mammoth 78% of the vote at time of press.

Once again, the best efforts of the corporate media to pretend that Ron Paul and the building momentum of his campaign does not exist, along with their attempts to downplay and censor the impact the Texas Congressman is having, are inconsequential as the tide of the Ron Paul Revolution comes crashing ashore and the message of liberty continues to resonate with Americans nationwide.