Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fed Informer Infiltrates Brown House Federal vehicles witnessed in nearby hotel parking lot

Steve WatsonPrison PlanetTuesday, June 12, 2007
UPDATE: 2pm CST - Matt Kazee has now managed to get in touch with Elaine Brown who told him that she had received a call from federal marshall Gary Dimartino who has admitted that the authorities are coming in at some point but "not to kill" the Browns.
Dimartino also denies that the Brown's house guest Danny Riley was shot at, despite Riley's own witness testimony. It is admitted that Riley was tasered.
Kazee has also revealed that local security hacks have heard police scanner radios, on which it has been suggested that two combat robots are going to be sent into the property at some point soon.----------------------------------------
All indicators suggest that the authorities are poised to conduct another brutal show of force on Income Tax protestor's Ed and Elaine Brown's New Hampshire property at any time.
Multiple sources have revealed that the activity that proceeded the aborted siege on the Browns last week is being repeated.
Ed and Elaine Brown joined Alex Jones on air yesterday and revealed that once again their telephone and internet have been cut off, and that there are men prowling around in the trees close to his property.
A call to the internet company concerned provided confirmation that the service has been suspended. Later the same evening the Browns' power was completely cut.
Reports out of New Hampshire have suggested that the same patterns which preceded their June 7 show of force are recurring now. A Manchester blogger who monitors Federal Internet usage, says the same frenzied reading of Ed Brown internet discussions from federal laptops and Verizon data cards has once again kicked in.In addition black Federal government vehicles have been spotted in the parking lot of the nearby Lebanon Residence Inn. It is believed that federal agents are now occupying a room there.

These suggestions dovetail with Ed Brown's revelations on the Alex Jones show yesterday that an informer had entered the house over the weekend.
Brown described the supposed federal infiltrator as immediately suspicious. He appeared as a hillbilly type who was uncharacteristically loud, opinionated and seemingly self obsessed.
He attempted to provocateur the Browns into a discussion about white supremacy, espousing racist views which of course the Browns categorically do not share and would not be led into discussing. Eventually he left the house before then calling the Browns minutes before their lines were cut off to tell them he thought they and the 'Constitution Rangers" were weak.
Ed Brown went on record to suggest he believed the agent had been sent to engage in "psychological operations".
Infowars correspondent Matt Kazee is still in the vicinity of the Brown property today but lost all contact with the Browns at around 2.30am this morning.
Kazee has confirmed that the Browns' neighbors have left the area and that all cell phone signals including his own are being jammed.
Kazee also revealed that information he gleaned from locals suggest some form of forceful activity is imminent.