Thursday, June 28, 2007

Gender Manipulation = Civilian Control

Nancy Levant
June 26, 2007

This topic deserves the deepest introspection by every person of every age and gender. At the core of our being, we are first and foremost male or female. To the anomaly of those born with male and female genitalia or other biological variations, it is my understanding that these people sense their true gender at a very early age. Again, our first and core identities as human beings are as males or females.

Throughout documented human history, cultures and societal norms have preyed upon our genders. And to this day, males and females continue to be told who they are, what they are to do, how they are to act and feel, and what roles they are to assume as males and females – with the basis of these cultural decisions resting upon two primary factors, which are childbearing and defense.

All religions have also defined the roles of males and females, and they still do. In today’s world, we are told to accept many, many gender masters. The women’s (depopulation) movement, social scientists, public and private education, the gay movement, global multi-culturalism, geneticists, the military, and, of course, politicians but to name a few - it would be fair to say that our genders have become sources of intriguing interest to just about everyone with grant dollars to spend.

Now, what’s interesting to consider about this exploding fascination with gender is that all grant-based projects come with governmental agendas attached – ALL grant-based projects. And in today’s world, grant-based projects partner with other grant-based projects – all sharing information, and all reporting their project results and data to their grantors - the government. But what is more compelling for our consideration is the present-day fervor - the full-blown commands by our grant-funded cultural organizations and lobbyists – that we MUST believe and do as they command in regards to our gender identities, beliefs, opinions, and actions. You would think, as males and females, we are idiots – even at the core of our beings.

However, and again and again, we see there is nothing new in human history. Elites bully and command commoners, but what is new, unique, and highly intriguing is that human DNA is now a plaything for grant-funded sciences. Equally, I recently read that flowers are the “perfect” genetic hermaphrodites. This made me really, really nervous. But here is what makes me even more nervous. Just as children have been incrementally and strategically dumbed down, the two genders have also and incrementally been dumbed down. For example, consider your grandparents and great-grandparents.

In those days, men could fix (and build) cars, lawn mowers, tractors, boat engines, toasters, leaking faucets and spigots. They could fix broken septic systems and toilets, electrical problems, and cracked cement. They could fix furnaces of every kind, and they could build just about anything from houses and barns to tree houses to furniture to patios. They could wire anything. They could make and install windows and doors. They could fix tires, bicycles, motorbikes, and scooters. They could plant crops, design and plant vegetable gardens. They could hunt and fish and provide food, and they did. Most felt responsible for their families and provided for them.

Women knew how to cook. They knew how to set tables. They knew how to can. They knew how to make clothes, to crochet, knit, quilt, make curtains, lace, rugs, and how to re-cover furniture. They knew what was wrong with their children without having to run to pediatricians for rashes and runny noses. They knew how to treat injuries and contusions without having to run to emergency rooms or clinics. They knew how and what kind of medicines to give to children, and they kept medicines on hand. They could diagnose and treat all ordinary childhood illnesses. They knew how to bake, how to cook nutritionally balanced meals without food pyramids or microwave ovens, and they didn’t need Martha Stewart or any other televised billionaire to tell them how to bake the beans or fold sheets.

Women knew how to save for rainy days, and they did. They knew how to keep pantries, and they knew what was needed for rainy days. They knew not to waste money – ever - and most didn’t. And women didn’t find or lift self-esteem with tanning booths, bleached teeth, make-up, day spas, workout routines and trainers, plastic surgery, interior decorators, designer clothing, chronic diets, body fat tabulations, and all the other media-implanted behaviors that damage females. Women didn’t take anti-depressants because their friends did or because tell-a-vision told them to get high. Women didn’t need magazines to tell them how to look and cook and feel.

Granted, in those days many American men and women modeled their gender roles from Biblical teachings, but equally they were chock-full of practical knowledge, skills, and talents. They made homes vs. having them delivered by interior decorators, landscapers, and a whole multitude of hired laborers. And most men and women didn’t have a problem with their roles or definitions as men and women. But in today’s grant-funded world, all men and women have a big problem with their gender roles because they have been commanded to believe they have big gender problems. Equally they have been commanded to distrust each other. I’m afraid our grand parents would think we had lost our minds. The question is – did we?

So much has gone into the re-creation of the roles of Westernized men and women that one hardly knows where to begin. But with all things strategically global, let us begin with the intent to eliminate the Christian religion, which is the basis of unalienable rights. The Christian religion suggests marriage and fruitfulness. Politicians, lobbyists, social scientists, and think tankers demand otherwise because they want far, far fewer of us to “manage.” Therefore, marriage has been discouraged and insulted, and reproduction has been chemically altered and limited while children have been aborted to the tune of hundreds of millions - globally – all this while reproductive licenses are “being considered,” and in other countries, reproduction is force-limited by law. Depopulation of the commoner is a very serious political business and intent of the world’s elite. When in doubt, consider Africa, AIDS, and uninterrupted genocide. Also consider the pathology of billionaire elites disallowing reproductive freedom for mankind – the billionaire elite who comprise maybe 1% of mankind. Should “they” be screened for mental illness?

The degeneration of male skills is monumental and terrifically frightening. Until about 100 years ago, men throughout human history provided food and defense for females, infants and children, and tribes. They were the builders and architects of all the world’s civilizations. The skills that men acquired throughout human history are beyond comprehension. Men were, in fact, master builders. If you look at the changes, discoveries, and scientific advances – specifically in the last 200 years – you realize that males are, in fact, remarkably brilliant creatures. When you consider the world’s castles, cathedrals, ships, factories, and homes in each and every city in the entire world; and in the contemporary world the electrical, plumbing, public water supplies, and coordination of modern services, you look at the genius of the male gender.

Today’s man, however, is a far cry from the master builder of human history. He is largely unskilled, incompetent; computer, television, and sports addicted, unhappy, probably divorced once or twice, and, I believe, at the core of his manhood, miserable. I think men, and particularly American men, feel emasculated and suffer beneath the unbearable weight of very purposeful cultural emasculation and dumbing down.

Westernized women, in my opinion, have fared even worse. Women have yet to have lived in place or century that hasn’t dictated their every opinion and role. Some of the largest lobbies in Washington D.C., in all 50 states, and in our global governing bodies, have enforced contemporary society’s beliefs for today’s female. She is to be an obedient consumer, too thin, to maintain youthful looks at all costs, to let others raise her children, and she is to work outside of the home. If she becomes unhappy, she is to take anti-depressants. She is to live on birth control during her reproductive years, and she is to believe and follow every tenant of the feminist doctrine. She is to blindly submit her children to public schools, to psycho/social screenings, to mandated drugging, AND she is to submit her children to any and all vaccine regimens – including those introduced and sponsored by politicians who sponsor Big Pharma who sponsor politicians.

Under such direction, she has become shallow, self-centered, untalented, pathologically vain, unhealthy, insecure, angry, and addicted to shopping. She has lost her ability to raise and nurture children, and she has lost her respect of men through the powers of political and media suggestion.

All gender skills and talents throughout human history lost and gone to Westernized males and females have served to grow the power of contemporary government, and the condition of our children and school systems are proof positive. Frankly, we don’t know who we are allowed to be without governmental instruction, grant-based direction, and cultural rule books. Over and over again, why do we allow elites to define us and to manipulate and rule our opinions – even to the point of our biology?

In today’s global culture, the reason is clear. Women are to quit giving birth, and men are to become incapable of defending against tyranny. Our only function is to work, as directed, for the forthcoming world monarchy. We are to be micromanaged biometric laborers. Perhaps, one day, we will remember who we once were and the talents we once possessed, or perhaps we prefer nanotechnology micromanagement. Perhaps the only way for total civilian management to be achieved is when human biology is culturally corrupted to the point of “mental illness.” Perhaps total civilian management has already occurred.

Remember the politically invented and implanted “generation gap,” where we were told to believe our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents were idiots? Think about it. There is a reason why we have been reduced to an incompetent labor force. And first and foremost, we are expected not to THINK. I offer the book The Cultural Devastation of American Women as a good place to start thinking.