Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bell Canada/Communications Canada Phone Hacking

Have you ever tried faxing a complaint/concern to ANY of the departments of Canada or obtaining information from a Citizen and Immigration website without spending hours of wasted time due to their telephone hacking and downloading of viruses to your computer and fax machine?

I, Jennifer Kealey, have suffered through these problems on every occasion that I have attempted communications. These are problems that I do not encounter when sending faxes or going to government websites within the U.S.A. In the U.S.A. it appears to be the post office that is the guiltiest of creating problems that are comparable to those created by Canada Post and Customs Canada. These delays seem to be done for the purpose of creating deniability by the servants of the government of Canada, Bell Canada, Canada Post, and Customs Canada. If one does not believe in conspiracy, only the United States Postal Service can claim to match Canadian Communications incompetence. None of the above ever responds to my complaints.

Clerks and political hacks seem to be dominant in providing these inferior services. One would wonder if there might be an agenda behind doing so.

Are these political flunkies who cull communications going to ministers/deputy ministers/ bosses really in charge of the Canadian government communications network?

My attempts to fax 2 pages of the last post on this blog site have been repeatedly thwarted as my fax line was given the message “fax failed”, that it was not being allowed through. I had to repeat this process 3 to 5 times on the average before 1 page was allowed through. Currently, it is impossible for me to fax more than 1 page at anytime to ANY fax number in Canada, as the message “fax failed” comes up EVERY TIME. I have had no problems faxing within the U.S.A.

I am now unable to send my husband a fax of more than 1 page at a time and I have to dial the number and get the “fax failed” message and then redial for the same response 3 to 5 times per page. The wait times added up may approach the wait time for my mail to reach my husband, a mere 31 miles across the border via Canada Customs and Canada Post.

It appears to me that Bell Canada, Canada Communications, Canada Post, and Customs Canada are complicit in covering up what has been done to me by CIC Canada, and Public Safety Canada VIA the CBSA to keep me from joining my husband in Canada and in obtaining a Canadian visa, as well as suppressing any information in regard to the “LOO AT THE SOO” from reaching any persons who should know about it.

CREATION will be provided with all evidence and observations that I have kept in regard to the above matters in preparation for these cases to be heard in the court of LAST RECOMBINATION.

Jennifer Kealey