Tuesday, July 12, 2011

JP MORGAN Adds To My Problems.....

For the record, this is a letter to JP MORGAN because when I attempted to send them an email VIA their site, the response I got back was that there was a problem with the transmission, and the email disappeared.

To JP Morgan et al;

I'd had an account at Washington Mutual for quite awhile, as well as a credit card. VIA "Chase", JP Morgan took over, and the first thing JP Morgan did to me was to reduce my line of credit from $10,000.00 down to $2,000.00,( for no reason that I could ever deduce) something I had worked very hard to establish. Therefore I cancelled out the other credit card that Chase VIA JP Morgan also reduced and kept the current one for emergencies, which I never used. Just prior to my "relocation" to Ogdensburg, New York, I closed my Chase bank account, because I was weary of the unfair policy changes that I was being subjected to by Chase, as were many other patrons of WAMU who, along with me, had good standing. We were all being "punished" by JP Morgan VIA CHASE, the excuse being that "we" had all taken advantage of WAMU and that WAMU acted irresponsibly in "letting" us do so. The reality is that financial institutions have ALL the power and promote a system of usury and it suited someone's interest to use this excuse to change hands and then to "sock it to" the public.

At some point I was then sent a letter telling me that my line of credit on my remaining CHASE VISA CARD had been graciously extended to $4,800.00 by CHASE. (This was prior to my marriage and move to Ogdensburg, New York.)

Since I had to establish in Ogdensburg to wait out the time of the "arranged ahead of time and illegal" exclusion order to keep me out of Canada based on the timing of Ecclesiastics ( who rule the world), my life here has been lived very frugally on unemployment income, as the same Ecclesiastics have blocked me from obtaining a job to support myself, as well as to enable my husband to continue to provide for the farm animals by reducing his pension supplement. I have been making donations VIA the CHASE card to pay for the animal's food on a monthly basis. My monthly income is barely enough to get by on, and I have had to rely on my other credit card as well for needs. My savings that I had set aside to enable me to show the Canadian Gov't that I could financially be okay until obtaining employment subject to Canadian visa status are gone.

I left my job as a director of nursing in a five star facility in order to make plans to join my husband in Canada to start the visa sponsorship process that required us to sign paperwork, then for us to develop a plan for myself to be able to go back and forth across the border during this process. This plan would have me working in the US and close enough to visit my husband in Canada regularily. Instead, the CBSA "flunkies"were lying in wait for me at the border, having been informed ahead of time of my arrival, and I was served with an illegal exclusion order and told I could not enter for "a year and a day, July 6th, 2011", seemingly based on a specific "religious ritual" date connected to voudoo, John the Baptiste, and the Rigaud Training Center at Vaudreuil near Montreal.

Devastated by this turn of events as well as by being called a "liar" and told, "We don't want your kind in Canada, we are upright and have high morals here..."I had to make my way to Ogdensburg from the North Dakota U.S. border,and deal with making my legal name change to my driver's license and SSN, which I hadn't had time to do between my marriage and this incident, as well as apply for my RN license in the state of New York. I had to find a place to live. I looked forward to being able to work as a nurse in order to support myself and to make donations to feed the animals on my husband's farm.

Instead, I have been on unemployment for over a year because I am being "locked out" of any nursing job in this area. As well, I have not received one single job offer of ANY kind, in any capacity.
Furthermore, our sponsorship application to CIC Canada is being returned for yet again the 4th time and my husband has been told we must start all over again with this process of applying. The packet with application and returned forms along with the "explanation" for this year of wasted time was reportedly mailed on June 22, 2011, during a postal strike in Canada. It has yet to be received by my husband as of the date of this letter.

I have been making donations to feed the animals on a monthly basis since I have been here in Ogdensburg; the credit limit has nearly been reached. When I called CHASE a few days ago, I WAS DENIED an extension on my credit limit within 10 SECONDS of asking. I surmise that CHASE and JP MORGAN, being members of the BIG BOYS in THE SYSTEM well know my current situation.
They know that I am out of work, and not by choice. As well, they have access to my financial status. JP MORGAN could have raised my credit limit. They chose NOT to.
JP MORGAN executives/corporate board members will be asked to attend disclosure and bring appropriate documents in regard to this matter at the appropriate time to the court of LAST RECOMBINATION since a report of this situation will be filed. CREATION has been observing the ACTIONS as well as the INACTIONS of all those involved in this matter who go by the name of VIATOR.

Jennifer Kealey

PS - Any further information regarding the MASS EXTERMINATION being planned for AMERICANS dubbed "THE LOO AT THE SOO" may be obtained by contacting my husband Glen Kealey by telephone at (613) 258 2893