Monday, October 19, 2009

Al.mon.d (The Dress Man)

Almond. There are two kinds of almonds, the bitter and the sweet(duality in nature). The former is used in flavoring and in perfumery. Its leaves contain in very small quantities, prussic acid, a deadly poison. The sweet almond is the common nut of the shops. The almond is a native of the East and of Africa, but has been brought into Southern Europe., and is successfully cultivated in Florida. The tree grows to a height of twenty of thirty feet. The wood is red and much used by cabinet makers.

Almond-Tree. When it is said in the passage of Scripture from the twelve chapter of Eccles., read during the ceremonies of the third degree, "the almond-tree shall flourish," reference is made to the white flowers of that tree, and the allegoric signification is to old age, when the hairs of the head shall become gray.