Saturday, October 24, 2009


A sect found in the mountains of Lebanon, of Northern Syria. Like the Druses, towards whom, however, they entertain a violent hostility, and the Assassins, they have a secret mode of recognition and a secret religion, which does appear to be well understood by them. "However," says Rev. Mr. Lyde, who visited them in 1852, "there is one in which they all seem agreed, and which acts as a kind of Freemasonry in binding to~get~her the scattered members of their body, namely, secret prayers which are taught to every male child of a certain age, and are repeated in stated times, in stated places, and accompanied with religious rites. The Ansyreech arose about the same time with the Assassins, amd, like them, their religion appears to be an ill-digested mixture of Judaism, Christianity, and Mohammedanism. The Masonic scholars these secret sects of Syria present an interesting study, because of their supposed connection with the Templars during the Crusades, the entire result of which are yet to be investigated.