Thursday, February 18, 2016


Date: 2/18/2016 2:17 PM (GMT-08:00)

Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada


I sent all of these documents to you because I have from July 4, 2010 to this date never received any reply or assistance in regard to my situation from anyone in Canada except those involved in committing crimes against me. 
I am currently in southern California and dependent upon assistance from a friend. My husband, Glen Kealey, 74 years old, is alone on our farm. I am a property owner of this property along with him. I am also his caregiver for a physical disability.
I have tried everything I can to get help from the real Canadian government to no avail. I do not know if any of my emails ever reached the parties they were intended to reach due to the culling of anything I sent by bureaucrats within the system. I do not know if the letter to which this is attached, sent to attorney Rocco Galati ever reached him, as I have never received any reply one way or the other.
I am asking you to please read what I have sent and investigate this matter.
My husband can be reached at (613) 258-2893 should you have any questions. Please note that he will not answer the phone unless the # and name/ department lists on the caller ID of the phone.

Mrs. Jennifer Kealey

Date: 2/18/2016 1:20 PM (GMT-08:00)
Subject: Illegal deportation letter

This letter was handed to me by Jose Valioghli  ALREADY SIGNED AS " REFUSED TO SIGN" AND PRIOR TO AN IMMIGRATION HEARING via teleconference by IRB Judge Francoise Milo, and at which time he stated that the deportation order was NOT TO BE CARRIED OUT, AND I WAS TO REAPPEAR THE FOLLOWING FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 6 at 10 AM.
INSTEAD, I WAS TAKEN BY GUNPOINT from OCDC in the middle of the night on Nov. 2, shackled and put in handcuffs used for mental patients to Pierre Trudeau. International Airport, AFTER we made a stop at VAUDREIL de RIGAUD. I was told by each of these three that they had each been "seated" at Rigaud, which holds them to a high degree of accountability in all of this criminal activity on the part of CBSA.
In the airport, the security stopped us and were arguing with Valioghli that they had never seen a deportation document like this. The woman with Valioghli, Tammy Nobert made the remark to the other CBSA who had a 9mm Glock, that he had left immediately after he had served me this paper on Friday, Oct. 30, and gone to Pierre Trudeau airport to purchase airline tickets to fly himself, Nobert, and me via Air Canada to California. In the meantime, the judge had stayed this action on the part of CBSA.

Mrs. Jennifer Kealey

Subject: MAG CLD Response - MC-2015-7379

Our Reference #:  MC-2015-7379

To:   Jennifer Kealey

We are writing in response to your online message sent to the Ministry of the Attorney General website.

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is the federal government agency responsible for deportation and removals from Canada. Any concerns you may have regarding a deportation order issued by the CBSA would be more appropriately addressed by your lawyer. Or you may wish to contact the CBSA directly for further information at:

Canada Border Services Agency
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0L8

Further, it appears that the matter you refer to was prosecuted by the Public Prosecution Service of Canada (PPSC).  The PPSC is a federal government organization that prosecutes offences under federal jurisdiction. You may wish to contact the PPSC directly with your concerns, at:

Public Prosecution Service of Canada
284 Wellington Street – 2nd Floor
Ottawa, ON 
K1A 0H8


We hope this information is of assistance to you.

Criminal Law Division
Ministry of the Attorney General

Please do not attempt to reply to this e-mail. Further inquiry can be directed to the following addresses, quoting the reference # attached to your response/ in the subject line:


        Address:        Ministry of the Attorney General
McMurtry-Scott Building
720 Bay Street, 11th Floor
Toronto, ON
M7A 2S9


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Date: January 25, 2016 at 3:10:13 PM PST
To: "

   I received a letter from the office of the Independent Police Review Director dated Jan. 11, 2016, signed by a woman named Linda  Pestrin; entitled
 Case Management Department
Telephone #: Toll-free 1-877-411-4773 ext. 1176.
RE: Complaint #: E-202512251830007968

Jennifer Kealey

Date: 2/18/2016 1:26 PM (GMT-08:00)
Subject: Fwd

Begin forwarded message:

No response from Galati yet, ____
We'll let you know if anything arrives.

Glen has not told me if he knows who the third party is, however the prime suspects have always been the bureaucrats in CBSA, starting with Marija Cuvala, Chief of Operations, CBSA, 2nd in line would be Public Prosecution Service of Canada; most likely some unauthorized bureaucrat with access to the till.


From: Jennifer Kealey
Sent: Monday, January 11, 2016 8:23 PM
Subject: Re: Fwd
Hi ___,
Per your suggestion I have faxed a short few paragraphs entitled "Kealey's Payback" to Mr. Galati to sum up what happened and the suggestion of my situation as a "Tory" payback.
I did not get to tell you a few things last night, one of them being that I was told by Tina at Legal Aid about a week before my kidnapping by the CBSA from OCDC November 2, 2015, that I had never been approved for Legal Aid which I had applied for between August 22 and the 28th. When the Crown read their statement in court that they were seeking a resolution to the matter, they had stated that Legal Aid had made the "unprecedented " action of electing an amicus to represent me.....basically, the Crown lied. They were in on it. They brought in an imposter expert witness. The last attorney, Michael O'Shaughnessy according to our investigators, was being paid by a third party. I did not understand this information until I was told by Legal Aid that I never had any aid from them. Why was i never informed of this, and whose responsibility was it to inform me?There is a process in OCDC that the inmates are told about obtaining legal aid which I was not. Was that just an innocent omission?
When I was once again before justice Kimberly Eva Marie Moore in the Brockville courthouse on the date of October 29thfor what I had been told would be a mental health hearing, the Crown, this time represented by Felicia C. O'Hara dismissed the charges. These were charges that were reinstated from the time I was incarcerated August 21-September 11, 2015 and then dropped and i was turned over to the CBSA and deported, then I walked back and the process began again, with charges being laid. Then the Crown dismissed those charges and reinstated the first charges. On October 29, the charges were dismissed and the apparent reaction of the judge was to note this in a typed report that she was working on where she sat and I do not know if this was an act on her part or not. She started she had a problem with the back and forth laying of charges, then dismissing them and reinstating then dismissing etc.
Then I was sent back to OCDC and told I would have a hearing the next morning, Fri Oct 30 downstairs. When I was taken down to an interview room, Jose Valioghli was there and shoved a piece of paper at me which stated I was to be deported Mon Nov 2, 2015. He had already put on it where I would have signed,"refused to sign ". This is the paper that was shown to the airport security that I heard them say that they had never seen a paper like this.
After I was given this paper, I was ushered into another interview room and to my shock, Laila Demirdache was present and rubbing elbows with a woman who represented "the minister of public safety" I continously asked her if there is no government now until Nov 4th when the new government takes their oaths of office, who is the public safety minister you are representing? She refused to answer me. To Laila Demirdache I said," Did you come to finish the job you started on me; that is, screwing me over? I don't want you here, do not speak for me." She told me that legal aid sent her, which by then I knew to be a lie.
Judge Francois Milo stated at the end of the hearing that I had "strong ties to Canada". He stated that I should not be deported to the US on November 2, that this was to be stayed, and that I was to return before him on Friday November 6th at 10 am. When I was returned to the women's dorm and told them what had occurred, they asked me if I had been given the paper that states the judges decision afterwards, because without that paper they can do what they want".That was when I realized I'd been had. The women in the dorm told me to notify the white shirt deputy, which I did by sending a note. I never got a response. Our investigators have hinted that persons within the jail were complicit in the events that occurred.
I was removed from the jail under the conditions which I relayed to you yesterday.
I am going to forward you some emails that a I sent out or were sent to me since my departure.
One last thing; I have been placed back in an area that is unsafe. My past perpetrations and many perpetrators are here in southern California. A team of security/investigators have been sent here to keep an eye on my situation here. This is what CBSA et al intended for me. Our investigators conclude that my being dumped at the Alexandria Bay POE 4 times (2 in the middle of the night) in the conditions they did were attempts to murder me
I have no way to support myself any longer, no transportation, my credit is shot because of this, and no clothing.
I believe this is a criminal conspiracy and that different groups and persons have been involved in it for their own reasons. I do not believe that the CBSA acted upon any police report etc.from my past; I do believe they are acting upon the orders of another person in Canada,  a politician who had me drugged and brought into Ottawa in 1991 for purposes his cabal was involved in.
I am going to forward to you a few emails I sent and were received by me.
Thank you again
Jennifer Kealey

 To: "" <>
Subject: Fwd: Message from 

Three of these 4 forms from OCDC are to do with  me attempting to ascertain whether I had legal aid or not because I had never heard from them, and there was a certificate that would have been issued to me upon which I would have been required to write the name of my attorney on that the jail would have held onto.
I ended up speaking to "Tina" who was the woman I originally spoke with for the initial interview, and whom also had called Glen and spoken to him last August. It was never reported back to me by anyone that I had legal aid. CIPI investigators had told Glen that atty. Michael O'Shaughnessy was being paid by a third party, not legal aid, which I did not understand, until I spoke to Tina again who told me that I had never been ok'ed for assistance from Legal Aid Ontario just prior to the immigration hearing on Oct. 29th.

Jennifer Kealey