Saturday, February 20, 2016


When my husband, Glen Kealey, made a call to the OPP Thursday, August 20 in the evening, it was because Bell did not fix the broken wire which was laying in the road that they had been called about by my husband a few days previously for, and had simply stopped by and done nothing. This wire led to one of our phones from across the other side of the road and had obviously been severed and was lying in the middle of County Road 18 in front of our driveway. The OPP were called and told about the wire lying IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. They were NOT called to come onto our property.

When they showed up on August 21 at approximately 8:30 am, they came onto our property without our permission and grabbed me ON OUR PROPERTY AND DRAGGED AND LIFTED ME ONTO THE ROADSIDE OFF OF OUR PROPERTY.

This was done WITHOUT A WARRANT. They TRESPASSED on our property and KIDNAPPED me.

The evidence was presented to the PINEAL COURT and an indictment charging the entire OPP detachment including their Brockville enclave commanders, and a warrant was issued for their arrest upon their arrival at the PINEAL COURT. Each member and commanders will be held until trial in the confines named "LIMBO" (solitary confinement). The charge is KIDNAPPING and MISPRISION of TREASON for their participation in that crime on behalf of The CANADA BORDER SERVICES AGENCY.

Mrs. Jennifer Kealey