Thursday, February 25, 2016


I was called by Debra D'Agostino of Hydro One today at 4:51 eastern time, after it was noted that Hydro One has been on the net and has read the latest post I have put up. Is Hydro One worried about what they involved themselves in in their attempt to acquire our property, of which I am an owner of too?

She informed me that Hydro One is giving us "one last chance" to pay the over $13,000.00 bill that Hydro One is generating and attempting to foist upon us, and that they will be coming to our property "to install a load limiter" on our lines so that my husband, Glen Kealey, will not be able to have even basic survival energy to cook, heat, take a shower and wash the the clothes, which by the way are washed in the tub, because we could not use the washer,broken due to massive electro-magnetic power surges, and then could not afford to have clothes washed at the laundry since our seventy-five year old tenant Tom Byberg was murdered Feb. 18, 2015, a crime of which Hydro One is complicit in, as well as being complicit in my kidnapping August 21, 2015. They continue to send in huge electrical surges to our property and are conspiring along with Bell, who is trying to prevent my husband from having phone communication with me by hanging up our calls and preventing me from getting through when I call back, something they have done for the past almost six years, assisted by others in the security communications sector.

I have told Ms. D'Agostino, and as well have no problem stating this publicly, that all those in Hydro One involved in this and by installing a load limiter on the lines of our property will at that point have made themselves accountable to CREATION for their actions. Upon your deaths, natural, or due to illness, which by the way is how god deals with his own, you will all turn yourselves in under the jurisdiction of CREATIONS PINEAL COURT, which is where all of you must pass through before you can go anywhere else. You will be convicted for your part in attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder, murder, kidnapping, misprision to/conspiracy to commit the "LOO at The SOO", which is a planned mass genocide, and that charge will become one of genocide upon the act committed, even if you did not actually press the button or physically commit the acts yourselves.

As I told Ms. A'Agostino today in my reply, CREATION is also giving all of you at Hydro One a chance to "come clean" by not acting out on your criminality. You are being given an opportunity by CREATION to be allowed life in the fifth dimension, the next universe. By putting a load limiter on the power line of our property, you will have let CREATION know that you have chosen eternal death over life and therefore will not be going on to the next universe along with 7 billion people waiting there for this debacle to be ended in this universe.

I am past the point of entertaining the hope that any of you might realize the magnitude of who you are dealing with and would therefore "govern yourselves accordingly"; you, Hydro One, appear to be set on a course of self-destruction. May CREATION deal with you accordingly.

Mrs. Jennifer Kealey