Friday, February 26, 2016


"The French Revolution, also called Revolution of 1789...denoted the end of the ancien regime (old order) in France...
The French Revolution had general causes common to all the revolutions of the West at the end of the 18th century... The first of the general causes was the social structure of the West...The increasingly numerous and prosperous elite of wealthy commoners- merchants, manufacturers, and professionals, often called the bourgeoisie- aspired to political power in those countries where it did not already possess it..."

bourgeoisie- the social order that is dominated by the so-called "middle class"

The above information is kindly credited to under French Revolution

The definition of bourgeoisie today is BUREAUCRAT

The British Navy (MI6) supported the internal insurrection of the bourgeoisie in France as a "payback" to the French royalty along with the aristocracy and higher level Catholic ecclesiastics for supporting the American Revolution (as well, MI6 will avenge themselves in regard to the U.S. upon the planned commission of the flushing of the toilet of Lake Superior).

The bourgeoisie/bureaucrats were responsible for the genocide of the royals and aristocracy of France, but now the tables have been turned.

The rulers (planners) at the time of the French Revolution have descendants who continue the Pre-Ice Age master plan, which now calls for the removal from power of the existing gene pool (bureaucrats), to be replaced with the "new batch" (new order) of refugees from Syria.

Bureaucrats,  transubstantiated with power, assume that all their work at their government posts and within corporations such as Hydro One/Ontario Hydro and Bell is their own work from which they will see profit (pay raises, bonuses, pensions) for themselves.

Actually, they have contributed actively to their own demise by the plans of their own genetic engineers, who have decided that their shelf life has expired.

The method of job termination, one which will relieve their true employers and the insurance industry( follow the money) from providing retirement pensions, will be achieved by "flushing" (coined British colloquialism of "LOO") the Great Lakes from Lake of the Woods to Washington DC.

Jennifer and Glen Kealey
aka The Leakey Kealeys and their Ciellikle Cats