Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Today I was given a phone number of someone calling our home in Oxford Mills by my husband: (613)281-2194. I returned this call and a man on the other end identified himself as a George Warren,SGT., of the Smiths Falls OPP detachment, who said he had been assigned to investigate the complaint I made with the the Office of The Independent Police Review Director on December 25, 2015, file # E-201512251830007968, letter of acknowledgement received from a Linda Pestrin dated January 11, 2016, in which she classified my complaint as  one that is " less serious in nature" that can be resolved by meeting with a representative of the detachment.

"Less serious in nature"? Since when is entering private property which is also classified as a sanctuary, of which is known by the Kemptville OPP, and literally dragging and lifting me off the property and then handcuffing me and throwing me into the back of an OPP cruiser to the OPP jail and handing me over to CBSA who acted without a judges order "LESS SERIOUS IN NATURE"?

The operative word here is within the title of The Office of The INDEPENDENT Police Review Director. George Warren tells me that he has been assigned the task of investigating my complaint after my complaint was referred back to the OPP. Since when does the OPP, the perpetrator of a serious crime against me, get assigned the task of investigating the crime? A crime of trespassing illegally and without permission onto our property and kidnapping me, which is what it is since there was no warrant issued, then turning me over to the biggest Criminal cabal in Canada who state that THEY are the government of Canada, and who are committing treason AND making decisions based upon what their foreign boss tells them to do and is not done in the interest of Canada?

The actions of the Kemptville OPP in their perpetration/crime of kidnapping, and physical battery of my person, along with their planned intent to commit this crime have placed them in the category of misprision of treason against Canada because they are cooperating with those within the CBSA who are in fact committing treason in their activities against Canada.

A proper investigation would lead to evidence of the murder of Tom Byberg, an OPP informant at the Kemptville hospital on February 18, 2015, and the cover-up of that murder by a part-time coroner, friendly with the government of Ontario, the Ontario Provincial Police, and the Ottawa-Carlton Detention Center. This so-called coroner, who had a conversation with me, where it became evident that his only interest was a cover-up of this OPP connection as well as the Kemptville Hospital's administration and Board of Directors in it. The victim was under the legal guardianship of my husband, Glen Kealey, as well as being a tenant for 15 years on the farm. This is not a minor complaint "less serious in nature" as proposed by the Office of The Independent Police Review Director. The OPP, getting rid of a critical witness should not be investigated by the OPP itself. I, Jennifer Kealey, must be allowed by the government of Canada and the Province of Ontario to return to the farm property in which I am part owner with my Canadian husband so that I may participate directly into an INDEPENDENT investigation. 

I await any legal documentation making my return to Canada immediate and can be reached through my husband at (613) 258-2893 by a properly identified caller on behalf of the government of Canada and the Province of Ontario. 

Unidentified phone calls to the above phone number are not answered as a policy of the Canadian Institute for Political Integrity. 

It should be remembered by all concerned since the loss of trust of the actions of the OPP by the Canadian Institute for Political Integrity has been consistently reinforced since 1992, when the Institute was in fact, created for the purpose of investigating the non-action of the Kanata detachment of the OPP, mandated by the Premier of the day, Bob Rae.

Mrs. Jennifer Kealey