Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Coincidence Theory


-Who runs secret societies in so-called "Open Societies"?

-Who teaches their young that conspiracies are "just theories"?

-Who profits from, rig and control democratic elections?
-Who produces and induces scam and spam artists to operate on the net?
-Who are the first to attack the whistleblowers who expose MEDIA DRIVEN CONSPIRACIES on the net?

The Texas "democrat and media prostitute" Paul Begala slipped when he said it best, LIVE on CNN : "We're, (the media), are all part of the same hypocrisy"


Is it just coincidence, when one attemps to expose this international media hypocrisy, that the following "shit happens" ?

- The BAL Brotherhood of Ma Bell (Sympatico) profiles, interferes with, monitors and/or records your calls.

- The BAL Brotherhood of Ma Bell (site Hosts) rewrite their internal management programs to hinder your posting and disguise or outright falsify the true number of visitors to your site. They, the hosts, also mirror your site and invite illegal visitors (IPv6) to secretly surf copy and modify your archives.

- The worst YAHOOS you will ever meet in communities on the YAHOO net are male nurses called Jim (code word for JAM, I am, or James I). TOM-a-HAWK is second. #2 is #1

- The root cause of worms and viruses being downloaded to your computer come to you through those BAL suppliers who claim to prevent this type of activity (ie: Horton). Horton itself has filed lawsuits exposing this deniable scam.

- TROJAN HORSE worms and viruses are EMBEDDED in HP printers.

- The BAL connected Dutch and Belgium Deutsche public tracking services disguise or outright falsify the true number of visitors to your site.

- Although the national police of all countries never seem to be able to track al Qaeda terrorists and/or suicide-bombers (from the BAS-E) on the net, the pro-active pedophile agents of BAS-E tollgaters who constantly surf the net are themselves able to locate and expose all but "police, or BAS-F protected pirates and mass-murderers".