Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Four Ever and Ever - Subtle Symbols for Genetic Engineering

Ever - age, eternity, 1. At any time. 2. At all times; always. 3. Without cessation or interruption


Evergreen - Green throughout the year. - n. A plant that retains its verdure through all the seasons.

In gardening a species of perennials, which continue their verdure, leaves, etc. all the year; such as hollies, phillyria's, laurustinus's bays, pines, firs, cedars of Lebanon, etc. The leaves are generally thicker and fimer than those of other trees and shrubs. Evergreen leaves are sometimes very small, as in firs and heaths; sometimes quite large, as in laurels, magnolias, etc. Evergreens in the United States include, besides many smaller kinds, the redwood and Sequoia gigantea, or "great trees" of California. Evergreens, for ornaments and shelter, are very poular. The somber green of pine, firs, cypresses, etc., is a well known feature of northern scenery in both summer and winter; the thickness of the foliage affords shelter to animals which could not so well exist in forests composed only of deciduous trees. Of British evergreens, holly and ivy rank first; the box, privet, bay, laurel, rhododendron, myrtle, etc., are quite familiar. A great variety of evergreens from China and and Japan have been added to the list of trees and shrubs available for ornamenting gardens and pleasure grounds. An evergreen plant is a symbol of immortality of the soul. The ancients, therefore, as well as the moderns, planted evergreens at the head of graves. Freemasons wear evergreens at the funerals of their brethren, and cast them into the grave. In many folklores and literatures, green has traditionally been used to symbolize nature and its embodied attributes, namely those of life, fertility, and rebirth. Green was symbolic of resurrection (genetic engineering) and immortality in Ancient Egypt; the god Osiris was depicted as green-skinned. Green is also associated with regeneration, fertility and rebirth for its connections to nature. Green traffic lights indicate to go forward, i.e. THE FUTURE.