Sunday, December 6, 2009

Grand Orient control over the West and East

The Persian Empire still exists!

Persian Zoro-Astrian/Zoro-Babel Freemasonry is in control of Syria~Iraq~Iran in the Middle-East. They also are in direct control of "The Basque Country" (northern Spain and the South of France) in the West. In the East their total domination extends over North Korea-China-Cambodia.

Greece-Germany-Russia's ILLUMINATI monitor European activities in the West, through the intermediary of France's own Grand Orient Freemasonry and its minority interest sub-divisions; England's York Rite Freemasonry and Scottish Rite Freemasonry, which was established for 'the colonies'.

Freemasonry in Canada:

The oversight body that oversees Persian Freemasonry's interests in the West is "IOF";
the International Order of Foresters.
IOF veil themselves publicly as "an insurance company whose main concern is with children". Their two top executives are known as "White/Armour ~ whose Rangers own Sherwood Forest". Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest are Masonic allegories which substitute for the crimes of tollgating and highway robbery; it is their prime fund raising system and is better known in modern times under the name TAXATION (Customs and Excise Revenue).

Jacobins, the Grand Orient name for Freemasons, own and control Canada's French province, Quebec, while the British born Scottish Rite runs Ontario and British Columbia. Alberta, the oil and cattle part of Canada, which is seemingly more Texan than Texas (Aztecs) have links to th e Rockefellers and Russian Czars. French/German Grand Orient / Illuminati Freemasonry control the vast wheat fields of the Canadian prairies while Scottish Rite are in charge of fishing and off-shore drilling in the Maritimes.

Catholic religious orders and Christian Protestant ministers also have an important role in overseeing Persian Freemasonry's tollgating system in the West. These Dog Priests are the religious antipodes to State controllers, ie: "internal security", the spies who spy upon the spies. These faith-based beggars of public funds are known in Persian Freemasonry as "Trojan Horses".

National Media and Union Leaders are known within Freemasonry as "Talking Mules". National political and consumer advertising in the Media is another way in which funds are being culled from public circulation, while the Union membership's pension funds are used by Freemasonry to purchase the system's corporate follies and help bail them out of their losses by using the Public's savings.

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